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MotorStorm: Arctic Edge Preview for PS2

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MotorStorm: Arctic Edge screenshot
MotorStorm: Arctic Edge screenshot Are you guys handling the PS2 version as well?

RO: That's outsourced, but we have strict controls. It's the same game, the same code base. It's just plugged into a PS2 engine. It's got up-ressed graphics to go with the larger screen size. How far along are you now and when will gamers be able to play it?

RO: I can't give you a precise date, but I can say it'll be released in the autumn. It seems as though the PSP is on the verge of a second wind, with plenty of high profile games announced to be in development. Why do you think game releases dried up for a period over the last year?

RO: It's probably just down to timing. We were doing one game for two years and then another game for two years, and now we're doing another one. I don't know really. The new PSP then, that sounds good…

RO: Well, I can't say anything about that or the rumours that relate to a new PSP. The job listings on your website specify that PS3 programming experience for candidates would be beneficial. Does that mean what we think it means?

RO: They're probably out of date (laughs). I'd say there's not much to read into that. They're probably out of date. The Pursuit Force series seems like a fan favourite. Should we expect that series to come back at some point?

RO: Personally I'd like to not rule it out, I mean you never know, but at the moment we're focussing on Arctic Edge, then we'd look at what we're doing next. I get emails asking is there going to be another one, what's happening with Pursuit Force 3. There is no Pursuit Force 3 (laughs).

MotorStorm: Arctic Edge screenshot Do you see it as a handheld game or would you like to see it moving across to the PS3 at some point?

RO: I think it's the kind of thing that we always saw as a bigger game, but like I say, I'm not sure if that will ever happen. Finally, have you got anything to say to MotorStorm fans on why they should excited about Arctic Edge?

RO: It is a MotorStorm game, but really it's a game not just for MotorStorm fans. Hopefully it will appeal to a wide audience and PSP gamers who are looking for something to reignite their interest in the console; there'll be other stuff coming this year as well. It's a game for racing game fans, who maybe haven't pickled up MotorStorm, maybe this version is going to be more accessible to them. It's a game for MotorStorm fans. It's another iteration in the franchise. The tracks are different and it will feel like a MotorStorm game. Thanks a lot for taking the time to talk to us.

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