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Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots screenshot
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots screenshot

Internet reports, citing an interview with British magazine Nuts, state that Christian Bale is keen on starring as Solid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid movie.

No solid info on the movie has been revealed, although Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima did confirm that the movie project was underway back at E3 2006.

"I have received many offers to adapt Metal Gear Solid. It has taken a long time, but we have finally settled on an arrangement," said Kojima. "False facts aside, a movie project is underway. I have finalized a Class-A contract with a party in Hollywood."

At this time no official casting information has been announced.

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shinobi synsei's Avatar
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shinobi synsei

1. christian bale doesnt have gray hair 2. doesnt have same voice.
chuck norris should play him
Posted 22:09 on 18 July 2008
sashkia's Avatar
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dnt u fink hugh jackman should ply der part
Posted 12:37 on 01 October 2007
Wido's Avatar


Cool, if they are making a Metal Gear solid film. Then why don't they make a splinter cell film. Because if you had Splinter cell chaos Theory they had a film trailer, and i havent heard anything about it???? Would be interesting if someone can find out more info about splinter cell as well. :)
Posted 17:22 on 13 September 2007
NinetiesKid's Avatar


That guy who's marrying Susan in Desperate Housewives kinda sounds like Snake, maybe he could play the part lol? :p

EDIT: Oh yeah I remebered he's called Mike ;)
Posted 17:02 on 13 September 2007
FantasyMeister's Avatar


It's going to be so hard for anyone to play Snake because it's always been David Hayter's voice that identifies him, and of course fans are hoping for at least some resemblance between the actor who ends up playing Snake and his ingame likeness.

I'd hazard a guess that any male actor would be itching to land the role because it has so much potential for boosting a career if they get it right, e.g. Angelina Jolie. The penalty for getting it wrong isn't so bad either, household name either way.
Posted 16:24 on 13 September 2007

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