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Kojima Productions opens Los Angeles studio

Hideo Kojima is now one step closer to making that movie he's clearly always wanted, as Kojima Productions has opened a development studio in Los Angeles.

Publish date Sep 13 2012

Metal Gear Solid anniversary site launched

Konami has launched a website dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Metal Gear Solid franchise.

Publish date Aug 13 2012

Top 10 Video Game Companions

The characters who join you in various epic adventures.

19 Publish date Jan 27 2010

MGS4 producer hints at further Metal Gear titles

It's the final chapter for Snake, but it's not the end for the Metal Gear series.

Publish date Jun 23 2008

MGS4 Database coming to Euro PSN this week

Will be included in the PS Store refresh on Thursday.

Publish date Jun 23 2008

Equilibrium director to tackle Metal Gear movie?

Hollywood producer says he wants to meet with Kurt Wimmer to discuss the movie.

Publish date Mar 14 2008

Kojima working on new game outside of MGS universe

Don't expect any announcement until after Metal Gear Solid 4 hits retail and Metal Gear Online has been given a big push.

1 Publish date Mar 12 2008

Metal Gear Saga 20th Anniversary video

Get up to date with one of the most convoluted stories in video games.

Publish date Jan 2 2008

Batman wants Solid Snake role?

Christian Bale is reported to be interested in taking the lead role in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid film.

5 Publish date Sep 13 2007

Euro MGS3: Subsistence servers to stay online

Konami has reassured European Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence gamers with news that the multiplayer servers will remain open.

Publish date Mar 12 2007

Metal Gear movie to be made by Sony Pictures

Feature film based on the hugely successful stealth series is to hit the big screen.

3 Publish date Feb 9 2007

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