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Manhunt screenshot
Manhunt screenshot

Rockstar North's controversial PS2 action title Manhunt will be released on the PlayStation Store as part of the PS2 Classic collection on May 14, Rockstar Games has announced.

The game was originally released 10 years ago to a barrage of press attention.

In Manhunt players take on the role of James Earl Cash, a Death Row inmate playing that most dangerous game of kill-or-be-killed at the mercy of the maniacal Lionel Starkweather.

Manhunt will be priced £7.99 and joins other PS2 Classics Bully, Red Dead Revolver and entries in the Midnight Club and GTA franchises.

The Warriors has also been confirmed for release on PSN, with more details coming soon.

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munkee's Avatar

munkee@ BC_Animus

I agree. Manhunt is one of my favourite ever games. It's dark as hell and the headset thing was such a cool, innovative feature.
Posted 13:29 on 10 May 2013
BC_Animus's Avatar


Sadly this won't be available in the NZ store I think, since the game was banned here the first time it was released. I snuck in an imported copy though - was an amazing game, scary as hell when played with a headset.

I remember this one time I was heading towards this location when I heard a voice, which made me run quickly into a nearby hiding place. I spotted two of the drug-fuelled freaks in the background, walking slowly towards (and passing) where I was. I was so focused on those two I didn't see a third guy walking towards me, so after the first two guys have gone I started walking out, nearly bumping straight into the 3rd guy. When I spotted him I swore out loud - straight into my headset. The game was quite interactive when it comes to the headset, so of course the guy heard me, and started screaming something about how he knows I'm out there, and how he's gonna f**king gut me. His screaming attracted the other two guys, so now I have three crazed freaks running around, hunting and screaming and going generally berserk. Meanwhile, I'm back in the hiding place, trying not the breath, now wanting the mobs to hear me - thats when the director started whispering in my ear, taunting me, telling me to kill kill kill...

Completely underrated game.

You know a few of the games from around that period had amazing uses for the headset. I remember using voice to command my squards in Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm (or was it Island Thunder?). Was amazing. Kinda disappointed we haven't seen anything similar since.
Posted 12:56 on 10 May 2013

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Release Date: 26/03/2006
Developer: Rockstar
Publisher: Rockstar
Genre: Stealth
Rating: BBFC 18
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