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Manhunt comes to PlayStation Store on May 14

The Warriors is also on the way, reveals Rockstar.

2 Publish date May 10 2013

Top 10 Video Game Psychos

The characters that aren't quite there upstairs.

6 Publish date Feb 25 2010

Piracy, age ratings, and Manhunt

ELSPA's Michael Rawlinson on the toughest job in the industry.

1 Publish date Oct 3 2008

MP Vaz 'done more to sell Rockstar games than Rockstar'

18 rating acts as a 'magnet' that attracts gamers, says ELSPA chief.

3 Publish date Oct 3 2008

The Big Issue: Kids will always play GTA

Why the Byron Review won't stop kids from playing violent video games.

24 Publish date Mar 31 2008

Rockstar Games defends Manhunt 2

Rockstar Games has defended its decision to return to its controversial Manhunt franchise - not a game for children.

Publish date Feb 8 2007

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Manhunt comes to PlayStation Store on May 14 in Article Comments

munkee's Avatar

I agree. Manhunt is one of my favourite ever games. It's dark as hell and the headset thing was such a cool, innovative feature.

by munkee

Scotland's games industry adds "no value" in General Gaming

Bloodstorm's Avatar

Yea, both Crackdown games were developed in my city, same with the "classic" APB, that was born 5 minutes away from me.

Top 10 Video Game Psychos in Article Comments

Marink's Avatar

That's because it's Harman. And I've got quite a few of these games to get/play. I love psychotic characters.

by Marink

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Release Date: 26/03/2006
Developer: Rockstar
Publisher: Rockstar
Genre: Stealth
Rating: BBFC 18
Site Rank: 3,490 93
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