Killzone for PS2

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The evil Helghast want total domination and an end to the human race. Guerrilla's much anticipated FPS is exclusive to the Playstation 2. Score:


Our Verdict: The PlayStation 2 is still waiting for a truly great FPS of its own. For everything it does right it does two things wrong. The Helghast should have stayed on Helghan.

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Killzone 1 heading to PlayStation Network in Article Comments

Ghost_Dog's Avatar

I still have my PS2 copy of this and rather enjoyed it back in the day. It played differently to other FPSs and had a decent online component. I dug it out about a year ago and it was like seeing...

Win a trip to E3 thanks to Killzone in Article Comments

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Corinth symbol on PSU. --- Overlord on IGN

Your thoughts on the Killzone 3 Editions... in General Gaming

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My definition is "One jammy bugger!"

by RecoN

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Technical Specs
Release Date: 26/11/2004
Developer: Guerrilla
Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment
Genre: First Person Shooter
No. Players: 1-16
Rating: TBC
Site Rank: 3,270 1372
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