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Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings screenshot You mentioned that eventually Indy will get hold of the Staff of Moses itself. How will it impact the game?

DC: It'll have an impact on the story. So will it be the case that Indy will be able to wield the Staff and have access to crazy magical powers like parting the sea?

DC: That's more of a story thing. No we're not making Indiana Jones and the Staff Unleashed, basically, if that answers your question. The focus of Staff of Kings is very much on using that whip and feeling like Indiana Jones. The Staff is like the Arc of the Covenant. It's too powerful. It's too powerful and Indy recognises it's too powerful, and that's why everyone is searching for it. If the bad guys in World War II get a hold of it there's no telling what could happen. It's the story term, MacGuffin, it's the MacGuffin of this game, and it's perfect for Indy because it's such a familiar thing, and we know the stories from the Old Testament about its capabilities. It's something that you're pushing for towards the entire game, and you don't want it to fall into the wrong hands. So the way that the Staff affects you is with the storyline. You mentioned four-player co-op. How will it actually work?

DC: There are a wide variety of co-op modes. A lot of them are just two players on the same screen working with each other. For example if you're shooting with you and a friend you're basically trying to take down an enemy or something like that, or if you're rafting together one of you is on the left and one of you is on the right. In four-player you get into a split-screen mode where you're all playing and doing something different. In terms of four-player it's really mostly about the vehicle modes, the tanks and the planes. The rest is two-player co-op. You mentioned it's got an independent storyline.

DC: It's got a few characters, but mainly a very familiar character in co-op that isn't in the normal game. So they came up with this side story to push you through the co-op levels, these moving, art style cutscenes. It's a nice little side adventure. It's almost like a moving comic book. You just move through the co-op levels that way. It's just bonus material that feels very cinematic. The game's coming out on everything except the PS3 and 360. What was the reason behind not doing a “next-gen” version?

DC: Well we did actually show at one point, in fact I demoed it, a 360 version a few years ago. Honestly we just had to make some really tough decisions as a company. A lot of it was timing. A lot of it was financial. The good news there is that the Wii is just a really great fit for Indiana Jones, and what we saw was an opportunity to move forward on a platform that just worked really well with the Wii Remote as a whip. So, we made that tough decision last year, and put all of our energy towards the Wii and the other platforms as well in order to make those the best that they could be and bring those to market in a time that made sense, which in this case is 12 June 2009.

But I can say just as a follow up to that, that Indiana Jones as a brand is incredibly important to us, and will continue to be. It's one of our core franchises. While we don't have any announcements at this time about the 360 or PS3 or other consoles besides the ones that we're talking about today, we're always investigating new ways to bring Indiana Jones to market.

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings screenshot So there's still hope for a new Indiana Jones game to come to the 360 and PS3?

DC: There's always hope. We're always going to be making Indiana Jones games and Star Wars games. This go around we really decided that the Wii was the right way to go, and make a game that was really compelling with the Wii Remote, and utilises the same storyline. How will the other versions differ from the Wii version?

DC: There are levels in the PSP version that you're not going to see in the other platforms. We always do something special for the PSP. The DS features stylus-based gameplay, so everything revolves around the stylus on the DS, so that's a different game. And then the PS2, I mean I still have my PS2, I love my PS2, and I just love the controller on that. The PS2 version is similar to the Wii version obviously except the controls are entirely different. That's more about that classic PS2 controller feel, but the story is the same and the levels are the same. So if you're not a Wii owner but you still love your PS2, we're not excluding those players.

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings is due out for Wii, PSP, PS2 and DS on June 12 2009.

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I'm drawn between a PS2 or DS purchase me thinks. Its sad that there isn't a PS3 or 360 verison of the game, but saying there is always hope. I have some faith still left in me for LucasArts to deliever for a new complete Indiana Jones game different from this one for the Wii and the other consoles.

Good interview Wes, as co-op and the Wii motion for the whip and etc have got me interested.
Posted 09:48 on 06 May 2009

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