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Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings screenshot The Fate of Atlantis game that's included is sure to get core fans very excited...

DC: Myself included. Why did you decide to put that in?

DC: I don't know the full story, but I can tell you that I went up to Montreal, with the A2M guys just to consult on the audio and talk about voice and things like that, and they were absolutely passionate about that game, and had looked at all the Indiana Jones games. Fate of Atlantis is just a great game. It's the 1992 version with all the voice in it and things like that. I know they were really pushing for it. And we have some producers on the LucasArts side that just, I mean we all love those classic adventure games, that's why we work at LucasArts, as well as loving Star Wars and Indiana Jones. I can't tell you who made the final decision, but I think everyone looked at it and saw it worked really well on the Wii and thought it would add value to the overall package. Honestly, in replaying it, it's really charming, it's a really fun game. Have there been any changes at all?

DC: The control system is different. Everything else is the same. It's very pure. It's the same midi music, the same resolution, everything, even the opening logo is the same. The only thing that's different is that there's a screen up front where it juts shows you how the Wii Remote controls are laid out. Instead of pointing and clicking with your mouse you just point the Wii Remote at the screen and click. That's the difference. That's not even a cosmetic change, just a functional change. How will you unlock it?

DC: It is an unlockable. I know that we're looking into ways to make sure that people can play that game with relative smoothness. It's not going to be impossible to unlock. One of the things that struck me as I was playing Staff of Kings is that it's quite forgiving. I was told it was set to easy. How will the game change as you put it on harder difficulties?

DC: The combat changes, the damage changes, the AI changes, so it's not quite as forgiving. It becomes a little more difficult to get out of those hairy situations when you're surrounded by a group of guys and they're wailing on you. The vehicle levels, you take more damage, things like that. It's basically easy and hard. A2M and LucasArts worked hard to create a game that was accessible to enthusiasts to the franchise and folks that have played a ton of games and just want to jump in and start kicking butt as Indiana Jones. You saw the tutorial, there's just a ton of moves, you don't have to memorise them all but if you do it's really fun if you're an expert gamer. If you're new to it and just want to pick up a shovel and want to whack a bunch of soldiers, you can do that as well.

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings screenshot One thing that impressed me was that the game detected your motions well, which some Wii games struggle with. How has that been achieved?

DC: I know that there was a lot of trial and error and a lot of feedback and testing, but A2M, they did a great job at making you feel like Indiana Jones by not necessarily just doing a little flick of the wrists. Some games you barely do anything and it works. With this one you've got to throw a punch in order to throw a punch. If you want to swing a shovel you've got to do a sharp movement from right to left. That's intentional because it is intuitive that way and you don't get a lot of false triggering, which is good because you're surrounded by a bunch of different guys. The game is coming out round about the time as the Wii MotionPlus. Will the game support that?

DC: Unfortunately not. That's a timing issue, with the development of this game and getting the development tools necessary for Wii MotionPlus. But it is something that LucasArts as a company is aware of, and are looking at. Unfortunately Staff of Kings is not going to support Wii MotionPlus.

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I'm drawn between a PS2 or DS purchase me thinks. Its sad that there isn't a PS3 or 360 verison of the game, but saying there is always hope. I have some faith still left in me for LucasArts to deliever for a new complete Indiana Jones game different from this one for the Wii and the other consoles.

Good interview Wes, as co-op and the Wii motion for the whip and etc have got me interested.
Posted 09:48 on 06 May 2009

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