Haunting Ground

Haunting Ground Cheats for PS2

On: PS2

This spine-chilling survival horror game is set in a mysterious castle that has become a prison for two innocent characters - an orphaned young girl and a white shepherd dog.

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Cheats & Hints 1

Unlock "Illegal in Some States" Costume:
Finish the game once.

Unlock Alternate Dog:
Finish the game once.

Unlock Alternate Enemy Costume:
Play hard mode.

Unlock Cowboy Costume:
Finish the game once.

Keyplate passwords:

ADAMAS: Rank 02 Treasure Hunter; Diamond Choker (second playthrough)
ALCHYMIA: Rank 01 Top Breeder; Alchemist's Earring (second playthrough)
EMETH: Move the Golem away from door
MAGNUS: Unlock red box in nursery room
METH: Destroy Golem and gives you a choker
MORGAN: Rank 04 Track Star; Fairy Earrings (second playthrough)
POWDER: Rank 03 Warmonger; Burst Boots (second playthrough)
POWDER: Set of Burst Boots in the Alchemy Room slot machine
REST: Access the rest room
RRL, RRRR, RRR, RRLRR: Move Golem in graveyard cave
SALT, SULFUR, MERCURY: Three-headed snake statue puzzle
SALTATIO: Earth Golem Para Para dance and restores your stamina

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FAQs & Walkthroughs 2

Download: FAQ

FAQ/Walkthrough v2.0.

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Download: FAQ/Walkthrough


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Faith's Avatar
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how do i get to the chapel? So i can kill Debilbatis.
Posted 03:32 on 28 November 2008
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cody@ chilidawg

need help to kill that lady
Posted 00:46 on 12 December 2006
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kitana1@ chilidawg

i'm tring to unlock all 3 endings
i mean i have A and C, but not B
can someone please help me :D please
Posted 18:49 on 04 October 2006
carol-anne's Avatar
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carol-anne@ chilidawg

well i'm on haunting ground and i don't know what i'm doing.
1:i don't know where the chapel is
and 2:i don't know where the suspension bridge is
Can anybody help me? please!!!!
Posted 19:29 on 10 September 2006
chilidawg's Avatar
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I tihnk Fiona's costume isnt skimpy enough
Posted 01:24 on 01 May 2006

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