Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Screenshot for PS2


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zaganini's Avatar


I love gta
Posted 21:32 on 24 March 2008
KIP's Avatar
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well, psp is just great .....!!!!
Posted 21:25 on 17 April 2007
Matty C's Avatar
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Matty C

VCS is Wicked on the PS2 ! I got a PSP also but you
can't beat any GTA on a widescreen HD ready set !
Posted 17:24 on 13 April 2007
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Posted 21:12 on 17 March 2007
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it would be dacent if they made all gta 1 2 nd london into remakes, that are zoomed in
Posted 19:07 on 10 March 2007
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vicecity stories rules!oh yeah sony do not make vicecity stories for ps2
Posted 22:59 on 25 February 2007
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anonymous@ robert

xbox 360 is soon gonna blow sony away until the ps3 comes out ages away
Posted 03:03 on 30 December 2006
robert's Avatar
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robert@ xboxer

its gonna be like vice city with different missions
Posted 03:02 on 30 December 2006
happy gamer's Avatar
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happy gamer@ xboxer

psps arent that bad cmon give em a chance
Posted 03:00 on 30 December 2006
frankenstein's Avatar
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frankenstein@ xboxer

whats the point of a having a psp when you have a computer and a ps2
Posted 02:58 on 30 December 2006
gun freak's Avatar
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gun freak@ xboxer

ithought the screen and the sound on a psp were not as good by far than a normal tele
Posted 02:57 on 30 December 2006
zombie gamer's Avatar
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zombie gamer@ xboxer

i had a psp and all i can say that it was rubbish nothing but faults ands the games cost a fortune so i hope it comes out on ps2
Posted 02:55 on 30 December 2006
dipstick's Avatar
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dipstick@ xboxer

why is there a problem with having it on both consoles and you can go online with a ps2
Posted 02:51 on 30 December 2006
Jimsy t's Avatar
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Jimsy t@ xboxer

why this not on ps2?
Posted 22:06 on 26 December 2006
sony's Avatar
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sony@ xboxer

I am a official sony member and i will excalim and speak for all the corparation that vice city stories will most likely stay on the psp console
Posted 19:05 on 26 December 2006

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Release Date: 09/03/2007
Developer: Rockstar Leeds
Publisher: Rockstar
Genre: Action
No. Players: One
Rating: BBFC 18
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