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Why I can never forgive Final Fantasy X-2

Sinan Kubba reflects on the mistakes that Square Enix made, and explains why Final Fantasy XIII-2 is unlikely to suffer a similar fate.

1 Publish date Jan 27 2012

Final Fantasy VII remake isn't happening

Square Enix character designer Tetsuya Nomura has denied that the software creator is remaking Final Fantasy VII.

3 Publish date Jun 5 2007

Final Fantasy XII Cosplay competition

Square Enix has announced an exclusive Cosplay competition to celebrate the European launch of Final Fantasy XII.

2 Publish date Jan 24 2007

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Why I can never forgive Final Fantasy X-2 in Article Comments

StriderRyo's Avatar

The moment I saw those images I was done with them, I knew they'd crossed over to the darkside, and it would never be the same again...

Final Fantasy VII remake isn't happening in Article Comments

Spike2's Avatar

They might just try to make a movie of it like they did with Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children

by Spike2

Final Fantasy X-2 Cheats for PS2 in Cheat Comments

's Avatar

god the garment grid annoys me! should hav left it as sphere grid... much betta. >.>

by c

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