Conflict: Global Storm

Conflict: Global Storm Cheats for PS2

On: PS2PCXbox

The next instalment in the Conflict series. The Desert Storm team are back, this time as an elite anti-terrorist squad.

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Cheats & Hints 1

Cheat Mode:
Press L1, R1, L1, R1, Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle at the main menu to unlock the cheat menu.

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User Comments

jay jay's Avatar
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jay jay

WHAT does the army cheat dooo.....and...were do u type it in
Posted 12:25 on 18 December 2008
coem's Avatar
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make cheat for me
Posted 08:54 on 18 December 2008
fadeboy_kush's Avatar
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when go online on the ps2 when i go on host a game no one can get in.
Posted 18:24 on 01 December 2008
darkness*angel's Avatar
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man why use cheats it aint that hard lol
Posted 04:55 on 25 November 2008
cameo_360's Avatar


dont think so. Util i tri it out. there are!!
Posted 10:13 on 22 November 2008
kiyan's Avatar
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eny cheats for conflect globl storm
Posted 09:13 on 22 November 2008
matthew's Avatar
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dose the game have invicibility
Posted 16:17 on 29 October 2008
mollzy cool's Avatar
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mollzy cool

where are the cheats my couasin Kyle wants some!!
Posted 13:43 on 05 October 2008
Wazzaaa's Avatar
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dont need Cheat's but im stuck at mission too? i still die, and the tank wont die
Posted 09:04 on 28 September 2008
ingo's Avatar
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there a cheat army is L1,OO,TRIANGLE,TRIANGLE,SQUARE2,XXXX
Posted 17:10 on 27 September 2008
noogles's Avatar
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i dunno nutters
Posted 10:14 on 28 August 2008
callum's Avatar
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how good do u think conflict global storm is out of 10
Posted 22:50 on 26 August 2008
callum's Avatar
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i am a human
Posted 22:49 on 26 August 2008
anonymus's Avatar
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going on extreme difficulty level im gona need some luck i guees :D
Posted 11:37 on 01 August 2008
anonymus's Avatar
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im going to finish the game (with the cheats help of course....)
with my friend you guys not playing this game alone right?
i mean comon i finished it in easy and we did most of it without the cheat..
good luck :D
Posted 11:35 on 01 August 2008

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Release Date: 30/09/2005
Developer: Pivotal Games
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