Call of Duty: Finest Hour

Call of Duty: Finest Hour Cheats for PS2

On: PS2XboxCube

The acclaimed PC wargame finally arrives for the Xbox, PS2 and Gamecube

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Cheats & Hints 1

Unlimited Ammo:
Pause the game, then press R1, Circle, L1, Square, Circle, R1, Right, Right, Circle, Right. The game will return to the main menu if entered correctly. The "Unlimited Ammo" option will now appear.

Unlock All Artwork:
Pause the game, then press R1, Square, R1, Square, Circle, Left, R1, Left, Left. The game will return to the main menu if entered correctly. Enter the "Extras" menu to see an option to unlock all artwork.

Unlock All Levels:

At the level select screen, hold Up on controller 2 then press Start, Select, Select, Square on controller 1.

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Col_Kill_Stench's Avatar


OK so no1 wants to answer my question, I'll let u know this, when u r online and playing Oasis level u might see people on top of both towers, u might even wonder how they do it. let me tell you, on the white tower walk up all the stairs, when you see a closed door you can't go through, prone or laydown and crawl through the bottem of the door there is a ladder climb to the top of tower.
With the brown tower walk up the out side stairs, the only stairs on that building, walk into the second door on the right, if you prone or laydown you may crawl through a part of the wall. You will see a ladder climb to the top of the tower. Done.
Posted 05:20 on 10 March 2009
Col_Kill_Stench's Avatar


I want to know, when i activate a cheat does it work online and can i activate more then 1 at a time, and if so, how?
Posted 07:31 on 21 February 2009
julie's Avatar
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for some reason the cheats dont work. i've gone to like a million sites and the cheats DO NOT WORK.
idk why. they've worked before i've played this like last year and used cheats and it worked but now it wont.
help me please i'm sick of dying
Posted 06:27 on 22 September 2008
Rynocirator's Avatar


help me on the road to remaggen plz help me im so stuck
Posted 12:43 on 01 April 2008

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