Champions of Norrath: Realms of EverQuest for PS2

On: PS2
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SOE shuts down four MMOs

Four of SOE's MMOs are being shown the door this March, but users will be able to play them for free during their final days.

Publish date Mar 1 2012

EverQuest II's failures to thank for Kingdoms of Amalur

38 Studios creator Curt Schilling talks about his reasoning behind creating the company and EverQuest II's part in his decision to make games.

Publish date Feb 15 2012

SOE celebrates Valentine's Day across EverQuest II

SOE is celebrating Valentine's day for the next month with new quests, zones, and items.

Publish date Feb 7 2012

EverQuest II producer steps down

The man who took the role of executive producer throughout the entire EverQuest franchise, Dave Georgeson, is now packing up.

Publish date Feb 3 2012

EverQuest Mac server to close, says SOE

The small and ageing Mac server on MMO EverQuest will be shut down due to lack of players, SOE has confirmed.

Publish date Feb 1 2012

EverQuest - 10 years and counting

Lead designer Ryan Barker on the grandfather of MMO gaming.

Publish date Jun 17 2009

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Sony: Without EverQuest, there would be no Warcraft in Article Comments

renegade's Avatar

Well done him. I think this is 100% true. As one of World Of Warcrafts main men Mike Morhan or some think etc was a guild leader of a majoy Everquest guild. So really no him no WoW as we know it....

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