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Through the eyes of four Allied soldiers, Call of Duty 3 brings players closer to the fury of combat as they fight through the Normandy Breakout, the harrowing offensive that liberated Paris and changed the fate of the world.

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Cheats & Hints 1

Unlock all Levels and Extras:
At the Chapter Select Screen, Hold the Select button and press Right, Right, Left, Left, Square, Square.

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Action Replay Codes 1

Please Note: These cheats require an Action Replay device

There are 4 codes for this game.
NOTE: These codes require Action Replay MAX


Infinite Ammo

Never Reload

Unlock All Levels

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FAQs & Walkthroughs 1

Download: FAQ/Walkthrough

FAQ/Walkthrough v1.0.

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User Comments

Col_Kill_Stench's Avatar


On Verdun there is no real trick that i know of Exept your memory, simply that there are 3 bunkers take control of the middle one, sniper you opposition from there they will see you befor they spawn and they will try to come and get you. leave and go to any other bunker, when you are there take the middle bunker in your sights, when you see your enamy take him out, befor he spawns he will see you and come and look for you, leave, go back to the middle bunker and watch the position you just left take him out again, repeat the prosess. this tactic is affective but not fullproof. good luck.
Posted 07:26 on 21 April 2009
Col_Kill_Stench's Avatar


On the stage Les Ormes there is a big farm house just outside of town. you can jump onto the fence over to a lower roof from there some how double jump on to the main roof, nothing special, you're as vonerable up there as poeple on the ground are to you. BUT, from there you can jump from the house onto the top of a tree, the branch's act as a good cover. Hello Esbaiss, Hello goodbye, hello spc K33NY and spc cartmen.
lol pist don't tell the rest of the regular gamers that I showed you the tricks.
Posted 07:06 on 21 April 2009
Col_Kill_Stench's Avatar


On the Stage of Argentan find the bombed out bunker, there is a log you can walk up and onto the roof simply sniper any gamers who opose you. there is another bunker you could jump onto from some crates this one has shrubs on it to give you cover.
After you die and befor you respawn the tv screen shows the position of that enamy who got you, remember were they are then go get'm that is also why you should try not to stay in same place for to long.
Posted 06:48 on 21 April 2009
Col_Kill_Stench's Avatar


Hi how are you, Do I have some online ideas to make you score better, yes I do, I call them tricks. in the online stage "Mayenne" you can jump on 4 of the darker knight statues, 2 near the main entrance and 2 upstairs. jump on nearby crates run and jump on the statues, then you are ready to ambush any unsuspecting gamer walking past. Or there are 2 house's out side the castle 1 has a small porch over the front door go up stairs and to the window closest to the front door, jump on to the windowsill simply walk off onto the porch roof. it's a risk that leaves you in the open, but you can see far away take out anyone befor they get close enough to see you, most gamers will get a surprize when they see you, giving you an extra hafe second to react.
Posted 06:35 on 21 April 2009
Col_Kill_Stench's Avatar


I am so sick of getting online and being kicked when i do well it's hard enough finding a sight with little lag so to all you pussy's who can't hack it, why even bother going online if you can't play the game, if you see Paddy Mayne online, and you want to kick me off like a pussy girly thing remember your a pussy and i stick my birdy to your face and you ain't nothing but a gutless hack. thats goes for you online finest hour pussy's that can't hack it. play the game or get off.
Posted 07:12 on 10 March 2009
Col_Kill_Stench's Avatar


What is a Action replay device, how would i get it. Is that 1 of those mythical ps2 add on's that we've heard about, but never seen. I don't know.
Posted 05:25 on 10 March 2009
Col_Kill_Stench's Avatar


Hi, this is 1 of my favourite ancient game. i could be an WW2 SAS soldier in this game if any1 knows the legend of Blair "Paddy" Mayne and David Stirling "original leader of the SAS then this game is a treat. When i play i pretend to be Paddy, if u'd heard of him, u'd know y. they should have given the caractors in the game, these names. and based it on some extraordenary facts.
Posted 08:05 on 21 February 2009

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Release Date: 24/11/2006
Developer: Treyarch
Publisher: Activision
Genre: First Person Shooter
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