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Become a bully at reform school, Bullworth Academy.

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Bullies of Bullworth beware, Jimmy is about to shake things up.
Bullies of Bullworth beware, Jimmy is about to shake things up.

Bullies of Bullworth beware, Jimmy is about to shake things up.

Somewhere hidden amongst the controversy surrounding Rockstar's Bully (officially titled Canis Canem Edit in the UK) is a game. You'd be forgiven for thinking Bully is much more than a game - something much more scandalous - but it's really just another free-roaming action title. The fact that it's from the creators of GTA and sports a title begging to be ripped apart by anyone opposed to video games as a form of entertainment has simply got people worked up over nothing.

You play as Jimmy, a teenage boy who's dropped off at a boarding school while his mother and step-father go on a year-long holiday. He looks like a right little bruiser, with a short stocky build and the face only a mother could love. Yes, he looks like your stereotypical school bully, but as things turn out, he's not the repugnant bad boy that his image (or Jack Thompson) suggests.

One of the first kids you meet is Garry, a really annoying bully that lives in the same dorm as you. You only put up with him for so long, though, and soon that rather weak friendship is over and you move onto other things. The storyline isn't all that involving, but interesting little things pop up throughout, with Jimmy moving from one activity to the next, showing about as much commitment to something as most kids. Bully is about surviving as the new kid, and it carries that off very well indeed.

The main area is Bullworth Academy, the school in which you'll attend lessons. During a morning and an afternoon session you'll be required to go to class, with truancy frowned upon by teachers and prefects. These lessons are basically little mini-games that increase in difficulty as you progress from lesson to lesson, and success will earn you rewards in a number of areas - such as increased luck with the ladies. If you're simply messing about outside of class and get caught by a prefect, you'll be taken to the lesson without any real punishment, but getting caught while on a mission will cause you to fail.

'You'll find yourself doing largely the same kind of activities, such as finding items and returning them, protecting people, or delivering papers on a paper round.'

Missions are split into sub categories, so you get a number of main progression missions, cash generating missions and help missions, in which you help out a student in need. At first these will take place within the school grounds, but pretty early on in the game the whole town is opened up. You'll find yourself doing largely the same kind of activities, such as finding items and returning them, protecting people, or delivering papers on a paper round. It remains fun though, and there's enough humour in each to keep the game feeling fresh through to the end.

Being a school there are a lot of other students wandering about, and each one has their own distinct personality. Jimmy can talk to any of them, and can choose to be good or bad, or even to make a move. Girls love presents, and once you get in their good books you can give them a kiss, which doubles as a way to restore health. Each stereotypical school group is represented, with nerds, jocks, preppies and greasers making up the four distinct social circles in the game. The nerds are obviously picked on by everyone, so these are the students that tend to come running up to you for help - they'll pay for your services, so it's worth it.

Jimmy isn't as much of a bully as he looks

Jimmy isn't as much of a bully as he looks

Just as GTA has a wanted level, Bully features a trouble meter. If you punch a kid, steal a bike, throw a stink bomb, trespass in the girls' dorm, or do anything else that is perceived as being naughty, your trouble meter will fill up. The more it's filled the more the authority figures pay attention to you, so any prefects, teachers or policemen (in the town area) will come running after you. If you get caught you get one chance to break free, but get caught again and you'll be thrown back to where you should be. Hiding in bins, lockers or simply out of view will lower your trouble meter, but running hell for leather to your dorm or other save locations (more are opened up as you progress) also does the trick.

Bully's reputation has come about because of what bullies are notorious for doing, and of course there's plenty of bullying in the game. I'm sure some groups will condemn it, but it really isn't as bad as it sounds. You can beat people up, humiliate people, throw things, shoot people with your slingshot, and generally do the kind of things that kids do. The combat system is remarkably simple, and projectile weapons can be auto-targeted or manually aimed without too much hassle. There are no guns, no machetes, no bombs (that do real damage) and there's no killing. Sure, kicking a guy while he's on the ground isn't nice, but people who pick on you first deserve all they get.

Part of Bully's charm is how simple everything is. You might fail the odd mission, but most people should find working through the game a pleasure, and not a battle against cheating AI or cheap tactics. The gameplay world isn't huge by Rockstar standards, but it's more than big enough for a kid, and environments like the fairground are so wonderfully created that you'll want to go back again and again - whether you're on a date and trying to impress, or simply trying out the rides and mini-games. The map is equally great, with easy to understand markers, and because the game world isn't overly large it never takes too long to get from one location to another - and you can always catch a bus back to school.

There are plenty of things to do in and around the school

There are plenty of things to do in and around the school

With the next-gen now truly upon us, free-roaming games on the PlayStation 2 are starting to look a little rough, but Bully really pushes the system to its limit. Some of the areas are superbly detailed, and although there's a fair bit of fogging going on (even in indoor environments), the frame rate is solid and each character is bursting with individuality. There aren't any licensed tunes to listen to, which is somewhat of a surprise, but the dynamic soundtrack does an excellent job, and the voice acting really is superb, sounding incredibly natural.

Bully is a surprisingly simple and rather tame game by Rockstar's standards, but that's part of its charm. The sense of grandeur seen in the likes of San Andreas isn't here, but Bully has a sense of character that is unique. You'll care about sneaking back to your dorm after curfew, forgetting to buy flowers for the girl you quite fancy, or earning a few quid before school starts. It's a fun experience from start to finish (something that will take a sizeable amount of hours) and, considering a lot of modern games are a complete chore to get to grips with, a breath of fresh air.

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Jamie95's Avatar


God I love this game, Jimmy Hopkins is the ultimate bully that always gets bullied. If you want to read more about this game though
<a href="">Click Here</a>
Posted 05:03 on 09 July 2012
TheWarriors's Avatar


Fantastic game! Hoping there will be a sequel. I was impressed by the game, but i would have prefered more of a challenge. If you havent played a GTA, dont worry about playing this game.
Posted 01:33 on 16 January 2009
dehbari's Avatar


this game is cool
Posted 18:08 on 09 August 2008
rick's Avatar
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i have the game and it is awesome!
Posted 07:09 on 24 June 2008
AlEx's Avatar
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great game not that easy to complete graphics are fine but i dont like passing out a 2:00!
Posted 23:58 on 22 June 2008
Arthur's Avatar
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one of the best game by rockstar
Posted 19:57 on 11 June 2008
BULLY's Avatar
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Posted 01:15 on 07 June 2008
Game_Bomb's Avatar
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i cant wait to get it ! It sounds awesome. too bad its not challenging.
Posted 02:40 on 22 April 2008
the wollf's Avatar
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the wollf

one of the best games i've ever played great graphics and superb storyline even though it is a bit hard to complete 100% but isn't every game?
Posted 13:11 on 15 February 2008
Anonymous's Avatar
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i hink tht canis canem edit is da bomb
i dinni ink it is tooo easy i hink tht it is just right nd i wuld recomend it cse it in amence man
Posted 18:35 on 04 February 2008
Rob's Avatar
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its a great game and i love it im not lying wen i say i have completed it 5 times which shows that it is too easy. there are lots of real life things and it is i the top 5 games i have ever played but i think that their should be more things e.g have some people that are criminals that try and rob you or cum up 2 u with a knife or if u have been beaten up badly the bruises and blak eyes should show and much more.
Posted 18:06 on 05 September 2007
keith's Avatar
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cant wait till sat i get 2 play it
Posted 19:10 on 03 June 2007
devilz's Avatar
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i agree wiv all ov u apart from xboxlive it is da game 4 u. u just haveht give it a chance!
Posted 12:29 on 07 March 2007
tommo's Avatar
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tommo@ xboxlive

what a game it is dont think u should slag it off as much as you just have dun its class.
Posted 11:46 on 31 December 2006
MCMatty's Avatar
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MCMatty@ xboxlive

Too easy to complete, not enough missions & the missions are too simple. The graphics are great & the gameplay is as good as any GTA game. If you like GTA then get it but if you want a challenge then i don't reccomend it.
Posted 03:15 on 19 December 2006

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