Canis Canem Edit screenshot
Canis Canem Edit screenshot

Bursting onto the scene in a flurry of controversy, Bully (Canis Canem Edit as we now know the game in the UK) finally arrived towards the end of 2006 and offered a charming shot of nostalgia that in the eyes of most didn't warrant such damning headlines.

According to Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter, it's unlikely that we will see a Bully sequel. Citing sales performance of the game, Pachter told that he "would NOT expect a sequel [to Bully]."

When the game eventually disappears from stores, Pachter estimates that it would have created revenue of about $24 million. The game's three-year development is estimated to have cost $15 million, and when you account for other expenses, Patcher believes that Rockstar will break even, but is unlikely to do any better.

Rockstar refused to respond to Pachter's estimates, a rep informing GameSpot that "Rockstar does not comment on rumours or speculation."

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rachhunter's Avatar


THAT is unbelievably unfair! There's still more of the story to tell! Will Gary come back? Will Jimmy have to move school again? Are the nerds still hilariously pathetic? If I thought it would help make a sequel, I'd be standing in front of the biggest game retailers holding a sign to bring out "Bully II"! I've completed the PS2 game more than 20 times and I still love playing it. I'd give ANYTHING in the world to see a sequel to this awesome game.
Posted 19:47 on 09 May 2009
Marc978's Avatar


Rockstar games make a sequel for the bully game many people love the game including me so make it for all the bully fans and if you guys do you should make the game for these formats ps2 psp xbox360 ps3 wii and the pc PLEASE MAKE A SEQUEL
Posted 04:33 on 19 January 2009
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i think the game is great , i have completed it , but it is easy, they should bring out a sequal but make it longer and a bit harder, but it is probably a hard game to make because missions based aroud a school is quite difficult to imagen !!
Posted 19:46 on 11 May 2007
Icarus's Avatar
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Its Such a good game only got it yesterday and im on chapter four but its too easy

They should make a new one of it

But the game needs way more surprises in it
Posted 16:15 on 09 March 2007
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ur totally right Requimforme it shud hav been released on Xbox, and Bloodstorm how can u not care less about da game it is a excellent game!+
Posted 12:18 on 07 March 2007
Bloodstorm's Avatar


I blame the stores that refused to sell it but i could really care less about this game.
Posted 23:37 on 13 January 2007
RequimForMe's Avatar


Me 2 i love that game... I still feel like they should have released it for the Xbox though
Posted 23:32 on 13 January 2007
Gary's Avatar
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Ive just completed bully and i pray that they do make a sequal as it rocks!!
Posted 22:17 on 13 January 2007

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