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Guitar Hero 5 screenshot
Guitar Hero 5 screenshot

Fewer 'Hero' games will be released next year than in previous years, Activision has revealed.

However, Guitar Hero CEO Dan Rosensweig reckons the Hero titles, which includes Guitar Hero and Band Hero, will survive for longer in the marketplace thanks to DLC.

"We’re working on our 2010 slate now. You will probably see fewer SKUs from us, but the focus on making the best-selling, most fun to play, best-reviewed games will continue," Rosensweig told MCV.

"Those are the things that are constant. [There will be] more DJ Hero, and the next iterations of Guitar and Band are on the way. But we will see how the market plays out. What you will see is the games will live longer and be more vibrant through DLC."

Rosensweig, however, stressed Activision remains committed to selling its games in shops.

"We intend and are really happy to be mostly distributed through retail," he explained. "We love those partnerships. It’s our primary environment. But retailers like the fact that connectivity helps consumers enhance the product they buy in shops - it isn’t one versus the other."

Would you prefer to extend your music game experiences through DLC, or do you like the fact that there is a new retail release in the Guitar Hero, DJ Hero and Band Hero franchises coming to stores each year? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Rockband has had 2 then a couple of booster discs (which are all dlc anyway) then beatles whilst activision seemed like every 5 mins a 'new' game was coming out . I think the way rockband do things is more stealthy & i have spent more on dlc than hero because £40 a pop for a disc every 8wks or so is & was daft. I am still undecided about band hero as i asked on a previous article if the drum kit was more responsive than the old wt one ? Any joy on that info vg ppl?
Posted 09:11 on 17 November 2009

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