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Test Drive Unlimited 2 screenshot
Test Drive Unlimited 2 screenshot

Test Drive Unlimited developer Eden Games has been shut down, having been entered into liquidation back in January, Eurogamer France understands.

The future of the French studio has been rocky ever since the bulk of the team was let go in the summer of 2011. Some of those released went on to form Blossom Minds.

Eden's parent Atari announced that the studio was "in the process of being disposed of" back in May 2012. It was believed Atari would attempt to sell off what remained of the studio or shut it down.

Eden's last title was Test Drive Unlimited 2, which was believed to have sold around 900,000 copies.

Source: Eurogamer

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kai592's Avatar


This is terrible news; I've only played Eden Games's Kya Dark Lineage, but I loved it and I was always emailing the creators to make a sequel, I even made a few groups online to the game and to help it out.
It's sad that Eden Games will no longer be able to make a sequel for Kya or any of it's games, but that does not mean another company cannot take it in.
Posted 06:50 on 13 April 2013


Yeah, shame that. Big fan of Test Drive, massively underrated games.
Posted 16:07 on 12 April 2013
Clockpunk's Avatar


Posted 16:06 on 12 April 2013

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Release Date: 20/06/2008
Developer: Eden Games
Publisher: Atari
Genre: Survival Horror
No. Players: One
Rating: PEGI 16+
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