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Join The VideoGamer Community Club Witcher 3, Need For Speed, Resident Evil 0 and more. It's The VideoGamer UK podcast with Simon, Jim, Brett and Tom.

DownloadPosted: 05/27/15Length: 01:03:04

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VideoGamer UK Podcast: Post E3 Episode

The VideoGamer E3 team (other than The Smug British Asshole) sit down and chat about last week's highlights.

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 06/18/14Length: 00:54:45

VideoGamer UK Podcast: E3 2014 Day One

The gang recap on a day of video games and nonsensical Pac-Man excitement.

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 06/11/14Length: 00:30:36

VideoGamer UK Podcast: E3 2014 - Day Zero

Chris trapped everyone in a hotel after a busy day of press conferences and immediately regrets this decision.

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 06/11/14Length: 00:26:31

VideoGamer UK Podcast: Pre-E3 Party Podcast

Expect wild speculation and misinformation!

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 06/04/14Length: 00:47:03

VideoGamer UK Podcast: Episode 63

Watch_Dogs and catching up with Scammell on his holidays - it's the VideoGamer UK Podcast!

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 05/28/14Length: 01:14:03

VideoGamer UK Podcast: Episode 62

Whole lot of Wolfenstein: The New Order talk this week, as Simon controversially names it "an above average shooter"!

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 05/21/14Length: 00:55:04

VideoGamer UK Podcast: Episode 61

Fuck Chris Bratt: The Podcast!

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 05/14/14Length: 01:01:00

VideoGamer UK Podcast: Episode 60

Dave is back! The podcast is doomed!

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 05/07/14Length: 00:58:50

VideoGamer UK Podcast: Episode 59

Another embarrassingly unprofessional podcast from VideoGamer. Sorry!

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 04/30/14Length: 01:13:01

VideoGamer UK Podcast: Episode 58

Simon is malnourished and this does weird things to his brain. Oh and video games!

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 04/23/14Length: 00:58:45
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