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Latest Episode: Episode 81


How many Skylanders does Dave have in his bag?

DownloadPosted: 10/15/14Length: 01:18:53

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VideoGamer UK Podcast: Episode 45

Holy flapjacks, it's a video games podcast:

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 01/22/14Length: 01:14:25

VideoGamer UK Podcast: Episode 44

There are plenty of cool video games to play this month, but not on your shiny next-gen console...

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 01/15/14Length: 01:07:48

VideoGamer UK Podcast: Episode 43

Hey-o! The podcast is back and this time it really means business.

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 01/08/14Length: 01:03:20

VideoGamer UK Podcast: Episode 42

Chris, Dave, Steve and Brett huddle together and record the Pre-Christmas Special Special episode of the VGUK Podcast!

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 12/18/13Length: 01:11:15

VideoGamer UK Podcast: Episode 41

Probably Podcast Episode 41: now with moral dilemmas!

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 12/11/13Length: 01:06:32

VideoGamer UK Podcast: Episode 40

Matt, Simon, Chris and Dave are back and they mean business. Video game business.

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 12/04/13Length: 01:28:07

VideoGamer UK Podcast: Episode 39

The podcast is back - along with a feverish Simon Miller - as we get down and dirty with some video game conversation. Oooo yeh. Conversation.

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 11/27/13Length: 01:20:19

VideoGamer UK Podcast: Episode 38

Holy cripes, the next generation of consoles is upon us! So of course, the VideoGamer UK podcast begins by talking about Super Mario 3D World. What?

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 11/20/13Length: 01:13:41

VideoGamer UK Podcast: The Zelda Special

Matt, Simon, and Chris sit down for a Zelda special - kicking off with spoiler-free chat about A Link Between Worlds, then going on to chat about everything else.

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 11/15/13Length: 00:00:00

VideoGamer UK Podcast: Episode 37

Matt, Chris, Steve and Dave hunker down and prepare for a day of Playstation 4 mayhem. They chat Killzone: Shadow Fall, XCOM: Enemy Within and Call of Duty: Ghosts.

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 11/13/13Length: 01:01:58
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