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Join The VideoGamer Community Club Mafia 3 has been announced. The Terminator is in WWE 2K16. Gamescom is just around the corner. We held a live event. All this and more on this weeks VideoGamerUK podcast!

DownloadPosted: 07/29/15Length: 01:02:12

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The Episode 28

On Episode 28 you'll find the Bebop Master Neon Kelly alongside Kebabinated Emily Gera, and somewhere in the background Tom Pearson attempts to hide from the Funstapo.

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 01/18/12Length: 01:31:58

The Episode 27

Episode 27 contains handfuls of the bearded Tom Orry, our very own office hipster Neon Kelly makes an appearance and it's all glued together by Tom Pearson.

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 01/13/12Length: 01:33:47

The Episode 26

The Mayan Calender states that December 21 2012 will bring the completion of the 13th b'ak'tun, completing a 5,125-year-long cycle and potentially bringing about the end of the world. And before that happens, we've got to deal with the Olympics.

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 01/04/12Length: 01:56:01

The Episode 25

On an unrelated note, today's podcast guest is ex-VideoGamer staff writer Jamin Smith. Along with Mr Smith – who's here in his new role as community manager of doublesix – today's show features Neon Kelly, Martin Gaston and Tom Pearson.

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 12/14/11Length: 02:13:32

The Episode 24

I'm your friend Santa Claus, and despite having a hectic work schedule at the moment I'm here today to tell you about the greatest gift anybody could ever have this time of year - Episode 24 of the podcast!

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 12/07/11Length: 02:07:01

The Episode 23

On this week's podcast, you'll find the wonderful Emily Gera, the lovely Neon Kelly, and the more-than-average Tom Pearson talking about all sorts of hot gaming topics... but let's be honest, the crew would rather discuss the Baby of the Year award.

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 11/30/11Length: 01:58:25

The Episode 22

Greetings foolish humans, and welcome to episode 22 of the podcast - which is certainly not a front for a superior alien race to launch their invasion of your miserable and despicable planet Earth!

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 11/23/11Length: 01:56:48

The Episode 21

We chat about Skyrim and the anniversary re-vamp of Halo: Combat Evolved. If you're in the mood for winning something, be sure to check out Mr P's Modern Warfare 3 competition, too.

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 11/16/11Length: 02:00:47

The Episode 20

This week's show picks up exactly where the last one left off. It features Neon Kelly, Martin Gaston and Tom Pearson. But is one of them secretly a Russian hardliner? And will the gang find the bomb that Tom Orry left in the studio.

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 11/09/11Length: 02:03:32

The Episode 19

Grand Theft Auto does not feature in today's show. However, we do talk about dinosaurs, break-ups, and monkeys. Plus, Pearson is terrified that he might be boring - as if he ever could be.

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 11/02/11Length: 02:05:33
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