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Latest Episode: Episode 160


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Modern Warfare Remastered, Dragon Age: Inquisition and... Weymouth? It's the VGUK podcast!

DownloadPosted: 05/04/16Length: 00:57:38

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VideoGamer UK Podcast: Next Xbox Predictions!

Matt, Simon, Dave and Chris run through their predictions for tomorrow's Xbox reveal.

DownloadPosted: 05/20/13Length: 01:02:32

VideoGamer UK Podcast: Episode 15

Gran Turismo 6 speculation, the future of the baby simulation genre, and how to get a job in video game journalisms.

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 05/15/13Length: 01:13:55

VideoGamer UK Podcast: Episode 14

The disappointment of Remember Me, Dust 514's grand ideas, and the team's reaction to the EA Star Wars news!

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 05/08/13Length: 01:11:15

VideoGamer UK Podcast: GTA V Special

Matt, Simon and Chris get all excited about GTA V.

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 05/03/13Length: 00:43:12

VideoGamer UK Podcast: Episode 13

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, GTA V trailers, and a bunch of really silly stuff. Sorry.

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 05/01/13Length: 00:59:31

VideoGamer UK Podcast: Episode 12

Skyrim, GTA, and THQ's delicious assets. We miss you, Red Faction. Come back to us.

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 04/24/13Length: 01:07:12

VideoGamer UK Podcast: Episode 11

FIFA 14 new features, Zelda nostalgia, and semi-accurate predictions for today's Nintendo Direct.

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 04/17/13Length: 01:04:49

VideoGamer UK Podcast: Episode 10

Guacamelee!, Resident Evil Revelations, and does Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon only exist in the mind of Dave Scammell?

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 04/10/13Length: 01:00:58

VideoGamer UK Podcast: Episode 9

Bioshock Infinite, Crusader Kings II, and two new members join the VideoGamer team. MEGA-QUESTIONS AHOY.

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 04/03/13Length: 01:17:21

VideoGamer UK Podcast: Episode 8

Lengthy Bioshock Infinite discussion, prefaced by Matt N trying to flog you some more stuff. Local pickup only.

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 03/27/13Length: 01:20:09
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