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Join The VideoGamer Community Club Mafia 3 has been announced. The Terminator is in WWE 2K16. Gamescom is just around the corner. We held a live event. All this and more on this weeks VideoGamerUK podcast!

DownloadPosted: 07/29/15Length: 01:02:12

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The Episode 58

Neon Kelly, Martin Gaston and Matt Nellis chat about Guild Wars 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 08/29/12Length: 01:53:36

The Episode 57

It's Auf Wiedersehen to gamescom and everyone – especially Dave – is happy to back on British soil... even if there's no air con in the studio. Grab a towel and a can of air freshener, because this one is going to get clammy.

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 08/22/12Length: 01:49:34

The Episode 56

Neon Kelly, Dave Scammell, Brett Phipps and Tom Orry discuss Black Ops II multiplayer, Sleeping Dogs, gamecome, Members of the Month, FIFA 13 and Spelunky.

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 08/08/12Length: 01:47:56

The Episode 55

Today's podcast is surprisingly well-behaved – at least until Dave pokes his head through the door. On this week's show are Neon Kelly, Martin Gaston, Matt Nellis, and our new intern, Brett Phipps.

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 08/01/12Length: 01:55:19

The Episode 54

The Podcast creaks on to its 54th episode in the current format – and look! We've finally gotten around to hiring a new Video Editor! Yes sir, Matt Nellis has joined the team.

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 07/25/12Length: 01:57:16

The Episode 53

Alright lads? John Terry here. I've taken a break from my hectic schedule to help the VideoGamer boys with their podcast notes. Today's show has Neon Kelly, Martin Gaston and David Scammell on it.

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 07/18/12Length: 01:57:13

The Episode 52

The stewards of this week's show are David Scammell, Tom Orry and Martin Gaston. Martin's had to work out how to edit the podcast this week, so it's a wonder it's even managed to happen.

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 07/11/12Length: 01:40:36

The Episode 51

This week it's business as usual, as Neon "Maverick" Kelly, Dave "Goose" Scammell and Martin "Iceman" Gaston all sit still for over an hour to shoot the breeze about their respective lives and also what's going on with their

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 07/04/12Length: 01:45:41

The Episode 50

It's the 50th podcast special! Hooray! But while the rest of the team skives off to chink champagne glasses together and set off party poppers in the toilets, this week's puerility has been left to Neon and Dave.

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 06/27/12Length: 01:54:29

The Episode 49

Neon, Martin and Dave make some attempt to discuss the latest games and news, but end up veering off into predictably crude territory.

DownloadMore DetailsPosted: 06/20/12Length: 01:54:52
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