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Back to game info It's interesting that you don't think you can compare a subscription-based MMO with a free-to-play MMO. Does that mean you don't consider Free Realms to be in the same category?

TC: I certainly would consider Free Realms to be an MMO, but as far as how do you measure the success of Free Realms versus measuring the success of WoW, it's very difficult to do that. Even if they got more subscribers than us, you could still make the argument that they're not really all paying. Is that really more successful? I don't know. It's a nebulous land of whoever wants to feel better about saying that they got the best. At the end of the day it's all about whichever company is making the most money will claim that they're the best, but whatever – as a game designer and developer that doesn't interest me that much. What it's about for the guys on our team is we just want to have a lot of fun and make a game we're proud of. Will WoW always be subscription based? Could it ever have a micro-transaction/free-to-play model?

TC: I certainly think it's possible that we could do some kind of micro-transaction stuff. Whether or not World of Warcraft ever goes the direction of, I guess like Anarchy Online has gone the direction of going free-to-play with micro-transactions. Whether we ever shift to a free-to-play model is really too hard to say at this point. Anything I say now could easily five years from now end up seeming like, oh my gosh, that was an incredibly dumb thing to say, how naive! You mentioned that one day an MMO will beat WoW, and hopefully it's one of your own. You're working on an unannounced MMO. I've seen a blue post from Blizzard confirming it's going to be a new franchise. Is there any update or hints you can give your millions of fans on that game? I'm sure being who you are you must have some indication of it.

TC: Yeah, certainly I've gotton to see a lot of what's gone on. I've been participating in it for a long time now. But it's definitely not anything that I can talk about. It's not anything I can give any insight into or any hints or whatever. You're actually involved in the development?

TC: Yeah I've been involved for years now. It's been in development for years?

TC: To a certain extent yeah. On a very small scale. How about if I ask you whether Blizzard's fans should be excited by the game?

TC: I certainly hope so. I'm excited about it so hopefully they will be too.

Patch 3.2 Call of the Crusade will be ready when it’s ready.

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Release Date: 13/11/2008
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
Genre: Fantasy RPG
No. Players: 1 + Online
Rating: PEGI 12+
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