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So you've managed to avoid playing World of Warcraft over the past six years and now one of the most eagerly awaited and impressive expansions to the game is out. Don't worry if you feel a bit out of touch, we've got a ten-point factsheet lined up with everything you need to know about the franchise!

What is World of Warcraft?

World of Warcraft is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game by Blizzard Entertainment which was released in 2004. The game allows for people from across the globe to come together online and participate in quests, battles, and a fantasy storyline. Today it's the most successful and widely played game in its genre, with more than 12 million subscribers.

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User Comments

Endless's Avatar


Get Guild Wars instead :P
Posted 14:27 on 10 December 2010
Bloodstorm's Avatar

Bloodstorm@ Scabby_Sid

Not anyone, the loot is the same as 10 man now, only, more of it will drop.
Posted 13:18 on 10 December 2010
Roland_D11's Avatar

Roland_D11@ Neon-Soldier32

To your second question: Yes, Azeroth is changed for everyone, whether you have bought Cataclysm or not. You can even experience the changed world and quests if you only have vanilla wow (up to level 60 without any expansions).
Posted 13:13 on 10 December 2010

Neon-Soldier32@ Scabby_Sid

Would you really want some level 1, whatever race, in your guild, more than likely slowing you down? Also, would you only be playing on Cataclysm.

Also, strange question but, there's a 5GB patch that transforms Aezeroth into a post appocalyptic setting, even if you don't have Cataclysm is Aezeroth like this, or not?

Thanks again.
Posted 23:13 on 09 December 2010
Scabby_Sid's Avatar


If you want to start playing, myself and a few of my friends have just started an endgame guild with a friendly atmosphere, we want to stay kinda small for the time being but i can get you in :)

Raids nowadays are either 10-man or 25 man. It's the same content in both sizes only it tends to be more challenging (and the loot is better) in a 25 man setting.

Cataclysm has added a lot to the game, it has completely changed the original continents of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms, changed the way that the talent mechanic works, added in two new races, new zones and endgame content and accelerated leveling through 1-60 while adding in more ways to help you learn how to play your character better.
Posted 22:03 on 09 December 2010

Neon-Soldier32@ FantasyMeister

Thank you
Posted 19:00 on 09 December 2010
FantasyMeister's Avatar


1. You can solo through WoW, you'd miss out on about 99% of the content and 99% of the uber rare stuff. E.g. in a party/group/raid you can jump into a dungeon, kill everything in sight, get a nice drop, total time spent 30 minutes. Solo, to harvest the materials to craft your own equivalent item, you're looking at 30-300 hours. And it won't be an uber rare, it'll be a crafted item.

2. 5 mins if you jump in with a new character, 90 minutes if you read the manual first.

3. On PvP servers most starter areas and major faction cities are protected by NPC guards, step outside these areas to do a major quest, however, and you'll have to be very wary of getting one-shot by a level 80+. On Normal servers, you've got to 'flag up' to let other players know you can be attacked, at which point you can start attacking back (assuming you survive the first hit). Otherwise the worse they can do on a Normal server is spit at you.

4. Raid = 2 or more parties grouped together. Some of the easier raids you can duo (one party leader plus one party leader), others can't be done without 40 people working together. Raids are where the uber uber loot drops. If you can do without it then you can still do lots of instanced 5-man/10-man dungeons instead, solo, but obviously you'll need to be like level 60+ if you're going to take on a 5 man dungeon designed for level 25-35 players solo.

5. No idea. I stopped playing during Wrath of the Lich King (due to work commitments).
Posted 18:56 on 09 December 2010


I have some questions:

If I were to play WoW it would more than likely be on my own, does this ruin the experience?
How long would you say that WoW takes to 'get into'
What is to stop experienced players from killing me all the time, so that I cannot progress?
If I want to do something like a Raid do I have to have a group with me?
What does Cataclysm add, that is reason enough to play it, seeing as though I cannot appriciate that the enviroment has changed etc.

Posted 18:05 on 09 December 2010

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