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2. Crysis Warhead, EA

What we said: When EA and Crytek announced that Warhead wasn't a sequel but an expansion there were a few understandable groans of disappointment. After the success of Crysis people wanted a full-on sequel that would move the series forward in the way Crysis built on the foundations laid in the Crytek developed PC Far Cry. It's fair to say that we didn't expect an expansion to be this good. Considering you can shop around and pick Warhead up for £15 you'd have to be mad (or a psycho) to overlook it. If you've got a modern PC and a longing for some macho man action packed gaming, Warhead is an essential purchase.

1. Left 4 Dead, EA/Valve

What we said: There are games you want everyone to play, just so they can experience what you've such a good time with, and Left 4 Dead is one of them. It's unlike any other game I've ever played and demonstrates the true power of cooperative gameplay. It's worth noting that the experience is somewhat dulled if played alone, but if you've got online friends or are happy to play with randoms, Left 4 Dead is a game you simply can't pass up. Just make sure you've worked out what you'd do in a zombie outbreak before you start playing, as you won't be able to make anything approaching a sane decision with a screaming witch bearing down on you.

Agree? Disagree? What are your picks for best PC games of 2008? Let us know in the comments section below.

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User Comments

rahulmartin's Avatar


my mistake , left 4 dead is at no.1 , but i think warhead must be at no.1
Posted 19:36 on 11 January 2009
ttlm's Avatar
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sins of a solar empire and spore are in that list? over fallout 3? why?
Posted 23:23 on 08 January 2009
rahulmartin's Avatar


sins of the solar empire , best games of the year pc genre ???? you must be joking , the games is a bull**** .
Posted 19:40 on 05 January 2009
TM-Magic's Avatar
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Spore is one of those that ultimately does not belong on this list to say the least. Regardless of how awesome they made it sound, in my mind, it'll never be anything more than a good idea with poor gameplay. It's not that it wasn't unique, it was that the player really only had 2 things to do in the gameplay...Fight or socialize... It was cool customizing your dude, but come on, gameplay was lacking to say the least.
Posted 06:48 on 31 December 2008
Descent's Avatar
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I play most of the game on this list (not wow) and all of them were great. Warhead was awesome and L4D was amazing, but I think Farcry 2 should be on here along with Sins of a solar empire should be higher on the list.
Posted 18:24 on 29 December 2008
shahin's Avatar
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I'd like to play the games. and I love it.
Posted 18:13 on 29 December 2008
Sonic_Uk's Avatar
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The only one I was interested in out of those was Crysis Warhead, but I'm not really that much of a P.C gamer.
Posted 22:42 on 28 December 2008

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