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World of Warcraft ended the April-June quarter with approximately 7.7 million subscribers, Activision Blizzard has revealed.

Back in March The publisher confirmed 8.3 million subscribers, meaning a 600,000 decline in just three months.

World of Warcraft remains the world's No.1 subscription-based MMO. Analysis

Whilst a 600,000 drop in just three months seems dramatic, it remains a huge number of people parting with regular payments to Blizzard each month.

That said, should the decline remain at around two million a year that's serious income wiped from Activision Blizzard's financials, and something which the firm may look to replace with alternative monetisation methods.

The high of 12 million subs back in October 2010 is likely to never again be repeated for a subscription-based game.

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BC_Animus's Avatar


I very much prefer the P2P + sub system - that model means I get all the content at a fixed price, with no restrictions that forces you to pay.

Having said that, I'm pretty much fed up with MMOs atm, regardless of payment models. Problem is nowadays everything is being developed with the now established WoW model of endless daily token grinds, a model which discourages the slow steady long term growth and exploratory gameplay - which, is what I prefer. Instead the current systems encourage quick but regular daily bursts of mindless action, which, sadly is what the current gen of gamers now prefer.
Posted 01:27 on 27 July 2013
Endless's Avatar


I'd be interested to see where they're going; Guild Wars 2? The old republic? The secret world?

When FF14 is re-released i count only 3 subscription-exclusive MMOs in existence. Eve, WoW and FF14. Everything else has a f2p or p2p backbone. personally I prefer the P2P system, and by that I mean you buy a box and pay no sub. But thats because my finances are shot. Even now i can log in to GW2 and experience an amazing game for the £35 I originally paid.

I fail to see what Blizzard add to WoW on a regular basis that justifies a subscription. I know i'm not playing the game but I keep up to date on a lot of MMOs because they're my 'thing' and I never hear anything about WoW except for the paid expansions. What do they do with all those subs!?!

I can only imagine what ArenaNet could do to GW2 with even half that monthly income. It's already amazing! Well...I can think of a few things tbh but the point is that Blizzard just seem to be raking in the cash and doing nothing with it!
Posted 17:16 on 26 July 2013
FantasyMeister's Avatar


So subs are $2m a day, roughly. Anyone want to guess at what their break-even point is? I've no idea.

The thing that made WoW so great is that it rolled everything you ever wanted at the time into one MMO. Now MMOs are so diverse that you can't do that, and they can't really go free-to-play and support the game through other revenue streams because $2m a day alternative revenue streams just don't exist yet, to my knowledge.

So they're left with a niche World of Warcraft which will have a dedicated and dwindling fanbase until they pull the plug.

Solution? They've seen this coming for a long time, hence Project Titan. Blizzard ain't daft.
Posted 16:58 on 26 July 2013

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