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Cloud gaming service Gaikai is teaming up with Facebook to offer demos of hardcore PC titles like World of Warcraft.

Speaking at Cloud Gaming Europe, reports, Gaikai's David Perry stated his plans to break down the barrier between online consumers and games:

"Bring the game to the gamer, don't move people, move games," he explained.

Turning to the success of social game developer Zynga, he went on to say:

"Zynga has figured out that you put the customer first, very aggressively. You click once and you get to play for free, you share it with your friends and then you pay Zynga if you love it. It's as pro-consumer as you can get and that is why their valuation has skyrocketed."

This differs from the process currently available through Valve's Steam service, he goes on to say, which requires users to fill out forms, answer questionnaires about Internet speed, sign terms of service, and jump through a number of hoops before being able to access a game demo.

Perry then demoed World of Warcraft using Facebook, saying:

"Facebook already owns the category of casual gaming, we're going to help them own core games. A click and boom, you're playing World of Warcraft."

The game streaming company recently predicted either Sony or Microsoft will discontinue their console manufacturing business after the current generation. While extremely unlikely, it does show their unwavering belief in their way of offering games to users. Analysis

Integrating World of Warcraft into Facebook would also open the game up to the social network's collection of casual gamers, something that would follow in tune with Blizzard's apparent attempt to get more casual fans into the game. Whether playing an MMO through the cloud would really be a reasonable option for users is another question, as latency would likely be a problem.

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I'm not going to underestimate how big this news could actually be. Social integration of cloud/streamed PC games will be huge. While the tech and experience will likely be poor, MMO'ers may well choose to get their 'fix' in this way.

It's a smart move for Gaikai after OnLive had it's Google TV news. Sounds like the PR team are hitting the right keys aligning the brand with WoW and Facebook.
Posted 14:35 on 18 January 2012
FantasyMeister's Avatar


My experiences with cloud gaming lead me to belief that latency is a myth, it's just something people say because it makes them sound technical and the word seriously needs to be struck out in all articles pertaining to cloud gaming services.

The biggest hit to my latency on PC is my PC itself running all those superfluous programs in the background and dropping my framerate and response times seemingly at whim. It loves to hit me with Windows Updates during PvP matches and my antivirus enjoys annoying me during bossfights.

Everyone who plays WoW plays under these similar conditions, I'd argue that all the addons a lot of them use affect their latency much more than playing through a Facebook app would.

In the end, a little fine tuning to your PC system and everything should equal out, although if you're uber and insane you'll probably want to move house next to an ISP that uses an exchange right next to a WoW shard installation.
Posted 12:29 on 18 January 2012

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