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World of Warcraft is more successful at creating a socially interactive space between users than many large-scale dating sites, according to a recent study by Online University.

Despite the belief that online gaming is for those who are anti-social in real life, 74.7 per cent of users are dating someone who plays the same game they play, compared to 33 per cent of dating site users who are dating someone from the website.

Additionally 75.7 per cent of World of Warcraft dating each other travel over 100 miles to meet.

The study also states that online games such as WoW are both bigger in population, younger in median age, and more frequented than online dating sites, suggesting it provides a more welcome place for users to socialise.

Despite having recently lost another 100 thousand subscribers, World of Warcraft still remains the most popular MMO on the market.

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On a side note, 10 million WoW users + 1 million dating site users = 11 million people. Presumably 6.89 billion other people are using less well-known methods to date, e.g. finding someone attractive and asking them out or being lewd in Words with Friends.
Posted 12:26 on 23 March 2012

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