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Tom Orry, Editor - Rango, Xbox 360

Rango screenshot

I've been playing this in my own time instead of continuing through Dead Space 2, and guess what, Rango isn't as good. Having said that, this game made to cash-in on the Johnny Depp animated movie of the same name, is pretty competent and nowhere near as offensive as some children's games I've had to play through in the past. Sadly Depp is nowhere to be heard, not lending his voice to the titular main character, but the gameplay is action packed, combining basic melee combat with gunplay, and the visuals are smart enough to at least resemble the stunning movie.

Martin Gaston, Staff Writer - Red Dead Redemption, Xbox 360, PS3

Red Dead Redemption screenshot

Viva la Revolución! Mexico is finally done, so now it's a clear path to the ending which is apparently better than sliced bread - well, it would be if I hadn't spent most of the week dossing off by getting caught up in all the challenges. Despite being such a badass, my John Marston spends an awful lot of time picking flowers and keeping them in his satchel. They make his bag smell all nice, you see, and probably offset the pong of the rabbit's foot I'm packing for good luck. Gee, people sure were crazy in them olden day times.

I'm also slowly racking up my bounty, and now I'm just shy of $6000. I've also very nearly maxed out my Honour, despite the fact I regularly roll into Armadillo and kill everybody. Turns out covering your face in a sheet of cloth is very handy for preserving a man's public integrity.

Emily Gera, Staff Writer - Dragon Age II, Xbox 360

Dragon Age II screenshot

Let those jaws of yours dangle in slack-chinned surprise because I didn't even touch WoW this week. Instead I got handed an early copy of Dragon Age 2 to review and ended up spending six out of last week's seven days playing the thing, clocking in about 10 hours per day, and managing to play it through twice while slowly fusing with my sofa. So much for trying to defuse the stereotype of gamers that never leave the house. Cheers for that, RPGs. Between WoW and DA2 I've consumed so much fantasy I'll never be able to finish a conversation without mentioning runes.

Jamin Smith, Staff Writer – Beyond Good and Evil, Xbox 360, PC

Beyond Good & Evil HD screenshot

I liked Beyond Good and Evil a great deal. I'm not going to get into the whole score debate, but seven out of ten is a good score. That said, the game becomes incredibly frustrating at times, the direct result of a last-gen camera. Combat suffers the brunt of this issue, often becoming a mindless case of button bashing because you can't see what the hell is going on. Nostalgia makes people oblivious to this fact, it seems. Still, it didn't stop me 200G'ing that badboy, and I'm only a pearl or two away from owning EVERY SINGLE ONE. This weekend will likely be spent hunting down the few I'm missing.

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User Comments

CheekyLee's Avatar


I started the week determined to get somewhere in Borderlands, but that fell through. I am still slooooooooooooooooowly crawling in it.

The first game to pull me away was Heavy Rain, but MY GOD it made me work for the pleasure. A gigabyte update, are you kidding me? And then the game glitched and made me replay one of the scenes. I'll play more, but I happened to buy ....

Pokemon Black.

And that will be it for .... who knows how long?
Posted 21:27 on 08 March 2011
Gollum_85's Avatar


AVP - just picked this up for £7.99 - bargain!

Also been playing:

Borderlands GOTY
Mass Effect 2
Posted 21:21 on 08 March 2011
xboxlive's Avatar


I sat down and got wolfenstein finished,but other then that ive been get some play time in BFBC2.and a small amount of TDU2.
Posted 09:49 on 07 March 2011
dav2612's Avatar


Other than a brief shot on Marvel vs Capcom 3, which I'm losing interest in now, I have spent all my gaming time on de Blob 2. Really enjoying it and makes a nice change from what I usually play.
Posted 09:25 on 07 March 2011
clangod's Avatar


For me:

Assassins Creed Brotherhood: Really enjoying it.

BC2: As per usual.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit: It's grown on me but It's not something I could play constantly.

Gran Turismo 5: Dabbling from time to time.

DiRT 2: Rally WOOT!!!

And most recently Fight Night Champion: Great game. Bare knuckle fights are very satisfying. Poor online functionality though. Need to suss it out a bit further.
Posted 08:32 on 07 March 2011
p0rtalthinker's Avatar

p0rtalthinker@ Woffls

Oooooooh god elevatoooooooooooorssssss.........

The fast transport system helps me alleviate my pain a little bit, but seriously...
Posted 02:53 on 07 March 2011
Woffls's Avatar

Woffls@ p0rtalthinker

You know how much I love Mass Effect right? How I've spent about 250 hours on those two games, completed the first about 8 times, bought all the comics, collectors editions etc?

Well, I didn't even like Mass Effect for the first 4/5 hours. I actually had to play it through a second time before I really appreciated it. It certainly picks up on Virmire, and thankfully you can get through the game in under 8 hours if you ignore all the side quests from people like Harkin, Bhatia, Hacket etc
Posted 23:28 on 06 March 2011
p0rtalthinker's Avatar

p0rtalthinker@ squidman

Glad to know it gets better the further on you are. Thanks for the encouraging words :)
Posted 21:35 on 06 March 2011
squidman's Avatar

squidman@ p0rtalthinker

I found the first Mass Effect such a massive struggle. It must have taken me two or three attempts before I managed to complete it, too. I also think it's weaker at the start of the game than at the end, so it might be some comfort for you to know it does get better.

And the second game is brill, so yeah. And while I could say that, sure, you could just go straight into the second game without missing much, I was exactly the same way and had to finish the first one so I had a save to carry over into ME2.
Posted 20:56 on 06 March 2011
p0rtalthinker's Avatar


Finished the original Halo in under 8 or so hours, and started my third attempt to get past the first world of Mass Effect. This time I am so gonna finish it and move onto the second! I'm determined now...
Posted 17:39 on 06 March 2011
IamBugged's Avatar


Lots of Minecraft, some Borderlands, some Half Life 2. Kind of feel like playing Fallout 3 again for some reason.
Posted 17:39 on 06 March 2011
dazzadavie's Avatar


Splinter Cell Conviction: I bought the DLC months ago an thought I might play some of that to get the G's up.

Battlefield Bad Company 2: Had fun on our gaming night even though having a break really kills your skills. Wasn't till the last game that they all came back to me.
Posted 14:02 on 06 March 2011
Woffls's Avatar


Pokémon White
My DS has been on every minute since 9am Friday. The game clock just hit 30 hours, but that includes times like now when I'm half playing it and half internetting. I think I've realised what it as about every main Pokémon between Red/Blue and Black/White that made them feel a little tired. Pokémon is about discovery: discovering new Pokémon, new towns and new moves. Black and White forces all of these on you in a way that the predecessors didn't, and it's easy to disconnect from what you already know and enjoy Black and White for what they are.

If you've not played Pokémon for a while, this is when you come back. If you've played it a lot in the last few years, like I have, then this is more than enough of a change to make it feel fresh again. They've gone back to basics with the main quest, and beyond that is an expanse of adventure and content that makes you rethink how much value you're really getting out of your 6 hour first person shooters.

Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom
Two attempts at playing this game, and I manage about 2 hours each time before it bores me to tears. For a game that, supposedly, relies on the relationship between Tepeu and the Majin, they really don't talk that much. Though, this is probably for the best given how utterly terrible the voice acting is. I expect this sort of dialogue in a 90's PlayStation platformer, not something that looks to Team Ico for inspiration. The combat is worthless so far, but I expect this will change as the Majin's powers increase. Puzzles are fine, but they just seem to be arbitrarily dropped into the environment in front of a locked door. Again, this might change as the environments get more interesting, not that I'll get that far.
Posted 13:17 on 06 March 2011
dudester's Avatar


I have finished killzone 3 campaign but will keep going with the online :)

Finished fable 3 and must say I was glad when getting to the end as I had enough of the gameworld.

New vegas I killed Tabitha and found the secret hiding place of the legion.
Posted 13:11 on 06 March 2011
FantasyMeister's Avatar


I've been gloriously engrossed in my new all-time favourite game ever. I've just entered Chapter 2 of Two Worlds 2 after 25 hours, but another 30-odd hours have been stolen from my life due to the online combination of Village Mode and Adventure Mode (I've just cleared Chapter 4 of 7, online, solo, which I'm quite impressed with).

Offline I've been getting 'diverted' by side-quests, which explains why I haven't blasted through to the end of the game with my incredibly overpowered Polearm which just slices and dices through anything I come across, but then I worked hard to build it up and fuse the right gems so I deserve this little bit of God-like power.

Having said that I'm only level 25, there's probably a higher level weapon in the game that makes my current one look like a toothpick, and that's before it's even upgraded.

Never thought I'd say it, but I now look forward to future iterations of Two Worlds than I do future iterations of the Final Fantasy series. There. I said it.
Posted 13:05 on 06 March 2011

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