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We love gazing into the gaming crystal ball here at We love thinking about the future, where cars will whiz above our heads, money will be abolished and Lambeth Council will have worked out how to stop people blasting music from their mobile phones on top of the 159 bus.

Who knows what mind-bogglingly brilliant video games the R and D bods at our favourite games makers will come up with? What's happening in the secret corridors of Valve... Epic... Blizzard?

This week a Blizzard community rep confirmed that the World of Warcraft developer is working on a next-gen MMO. "... it is an unannounced next-gen MMO," said the rep. "And that doesn't mean an expansion for World of Warcraft either."

So, let the fun and games begin. What could Blizzard's new MMO be?

World of Starcraft
Let's start with the easy options - Blizzard's existing franchises. So how about World of StarCraft? This has been rumoured for years, with threads upon threads speculating about how it might work. Of course Blizzard is already working on StarCraft 2, the sequel to the hugely popular sci-fi RTS. Does Blizzard have the capacity to work on both games at the same time? We'd like to think so, given the Activision Vivendi merger. And with the sci-fi setting, perhaps it wouldn't be a direct competitor with World of Warcraft either. If it is WoS, then expect the Protoss, Terran, Zerg and who knows what else as playable races. And, I'd wager, not much of a change from the gaming mechanics we have in WoW - so similar questing, grinding, raiding and what not, just in space and on multiple planets. If it 'aint broke...

World of Diablo
World of Diablo. Now that's something to whet the appetite of any Blizzard fanboy. But we here at reckon this one is less likely - the fantasy subject matter is probably a little too close to WoW to make it a viable alternative. Why would Blizzard want to go up against itself? But that won't stop Diablo's vocal fanbase from preying to the gaming gods that this is the unannounced next-gen MMO Blizzard is working on. Nothing surprises us here however. Could WoD be Blizzard's Elder Scrolls MMO killer?

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This is one lazy ****ing photoshop. It's like you google image searched "starcraft", copied some stuff, and got bored 5 minutes in.
Posted 19:12 on 30 June 2008
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World Of Starcraft for sure.

Get Starcraft fans playing it and they might get onto WoW as well. Get WoW fans playing it and they might start playing Starcraft :D
Posted 18:10 on 08 June 2008
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ooh.. Starcraft: Ghost MMO...
Posted 10:59 on 24 March 2008
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Why in the hell would it be called World Of Starcraft come on people
Posted 16:57 on 23 March 2008

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