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World of Tanks Update 9.0: New Frontiers now available worldwide

Includes the first wave of revamped tanks with HD models and textures, plus new physics functions and more.

Publish date Apr 16

World of Tanks maker will support Oculus Rift if it sells 5-10 million units

'We'll be there if it it goes big,' says Wargaming chief executive Victor Kislyi.

Publish date Apr 11

World of Tanks' tanks have never looked this good

Visual makeover detailed in new Dev Diary.

1 Publish date Mar 21

World of Tanks developer series begins with new physics

Watch the first in the planned video series highlighting changes coming to the game this year.

Publish date Mar 5

Major improvements coming to World of Tanks in 2014

Developer Diary series focusses on enhancements planned for the core of the game.

Publish date Feb 27

World of Tanks Xbox 360 beta keys going out this weekend

World of Tanks beta rolls onto Xbox LIVE.

Publish date Jun 28 2013

Wargaming to reveal console title at E3

But it probably isn't a PS4 or Xbox One game.

Publish date May 28 2013

Wargaming forms professional eSports league

World of Tanks-based league will launch soon.

Publish date Feb 12 2013

The endearing madness of World of Tanks' Ural Steel 2012

After being invited to attend World of Tanks' Ural Steel 2012 tournament, I've really only got a single question on my mind: is this game a flash in the pan riding the initial successes of the free-to-play model?

Publish date Oct 5 2012

World of Tanks now has 40 million registered users

Doubles user-base in under a year.

Publish date Oct 3 2012

Red Rush: Unity wins World of Tanks' Ural Steel 2012

Red Rush: Unity has won the second Ural Steel competition for free-to-play tank battler World of Tanks, beating The Red Z 3-0 to take home the $35,000 grand prize.

Publish date Sep 16 2012

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