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World in Conflict: Soviet Assault screenshot
World in Conflict: Soviet Assault screenshot

DirectX 10 graphical effects are possible on the consoles, given enough time and resources, the developer of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of PC RTS World In Conflict has said.

Speaking in an interview with, Petter Sydow, VP of Development at Swedish developer Massive Entertainment, revealed that the team has managed to replicate "some" of the DirectX 10 effects seen in the PC version, but doesn't know what features will make it into the final release.

Sydow said: "At this point we've managed to replicate some of the effects, but I don't know what features will make it into the final release. Nearly all of our DX 10 features are possible to do on the consoles if you give it enough time and resources, so we'll keep on working on them and see what happens."

The news will please console-owning RTS fans who had hoped for a graphical showcase on par with the 2007 PC release, which wowed and still wows gamers with its DirectX 10-fuelled graphics.

You can check out the rest of our interview with Petter Sydow right here.

World In Conflict is due out for Xbox 360 and PS3 this autumn.

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Netmind's Avatar


If they can do DX10 graphics on consoles they should be able to to DX11 graphics on PC by now.
High end PC = better then crappy consoles, just too bad piracy destroys the PC.
Posted 16:05 on 20 May 2008
Thargan's Avatar
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Karlius, honestly, what you say is stupid. Directx is just an API that simplify for a programmer telling the video hardware what to do. The graphic hardware is what is doing all the rendering and shading. The 360 graphic card can't do stuff that new hardware can, but it can be emulated using DirectX9 for close results in some cases. The title of this article is fanboyish and misleading, the developer is saying they can produce a close experience to the WIC in PC in DX10 if they have enough time. I am sure this will take a lot of time from them and I bet that's the reason why the game has taken a year to come to 360 despite being very easy to port between PC & 360. Your M$ is a genious that gives us super-high end PCs for 350$ because they invented GRAFIXZ theory is stupid.
Posted 14:01 on 20 May 2008
Karlius's Avatar


Al you have to do is consider who makes Direct X. You will then start to see why many 360 comments about poor graphics are retarded we all know that microsoft is the key of the rendering component in PC Graphical Rendering and has been for many years with Direct X. This is why they always seem to get the best out of the consoles they build.
Posted 10:59 on 20 May 2008

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