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Wheel of Time Cheats for PC

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Cheats & Hints 1

Cheat Codes
Enter the cheats in the console window (Activated by pressing ~):

godGod Mode
monstervsmonsterEnemy Sees You as Monster
flyFly Mode
walkWalk Mode
ghostWalk Through Walls
behindview 1View Character from Behind
behindview 0Normal View
playersonlyFreezes Time, Type Again to UnFreeze
invisible 1Makes You Invisible
amphibiousBreathe Underwater
completelovolFinish All Levels
allammoAll Guns, Ammo
invisible 0Makes You Visible Again
killall [class]Kills All Actors of a Certain [class]
killpawnsKills All Monsters
say [message]Broadcast [message] to Other Players
slomo #Sets Gamespeed to # (1.0 is normal)
summon [class]Spawns Actor of the Specified [class]
switchcooplevel [new level]Server Switches to New Level w/ CoOp Style Weapon Carrying
switchlevel [new level]Switch to a New Level

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