Unreal 2: The Awakening for PC

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Bleszinski: We do things in threes

Strong suggestion Gears of War 3 is on the way.

3 Publish date Mar 1 2010

Steve Polge on Epic's future plans

News on potential single-player Unreal, Gears of War 2 PC and great looking UE3 games.

4 Publish date Feb 26 2009

Unreal Anthology from Midway

Midway has acquired the rights to publish select games from Epic Games' back catalogue - Unreal Anthology due this autumn.

Publish date Jun 16 2006

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Bleszinski: We do things in threes in Article Comments

guyderman's Avatar

Maybe he's just on about his lunch and he's having a McDonalds Chicken, Bacon and Onion burger - afterall 3 is the magic number!

Steve Polge on Epic's future plans in Article Comments

's Avatar

I bought UT3 for PC when it was released, I have a rig that can more then supports it. This game sucks a.., I sold my copy on ebay for about $10 less then what I paid for it and felt lucky to get...

by chrisgoat

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