Two Worlds for PC

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Two Worlds

New cinematic RPG from the developer of Earth 2160.

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Next Two Worlds game due in 2012

Brand new 3D modelling team.

1 Publish date Feb 21 2011

Two Worlds II coming this winter

Confirmed for PC, Mac and next-gen consoles.

1 Publish date Jul 6 2009

Two Worlds add-on available free

Curse of Souls adds four new multiplayer maps with 40 new quests.

Publish date May 8 2009

Two Worlds expansion coming in 2008

Extended story promising the answers to many questions and mysteries.

Publish date Nov 28 2007

Two Worlds gets updated

Update 1.6 to be full to the brim with enhancements.

Publish date Nov 20 2007

Two Worlds demo on Xbox LIVE Marketplace

SouthPeak's Oblivion-alike finally available in demo form.

Publish date Nov 8 2007

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Next Two Worlds game due in 2012 in Article Comments

FantasyMeister's Avatar

I saw the headline and thought it meant they'd delayed Two Worlds II in the UK yet again. Personally I love the fact that they're continuing with the series. The first one was so bad it was good...

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draytone's Avatar

lol "launch day fanaticism" I like the term!

Two Worlds II coming this winter in Article Comments

Wido's Avatar

Another RPG with Dragon Age to get through! Really enjoyed the first Two Worlds. Will it be still evolved around the family with the relic?

by Wido

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Release Date: 07/09/2007
Developer: Reality Pump
Publisher: Zuxxez Entertainment
Genre: RPG
Rating: BBFC 12
Site Rank: 4,591 9
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