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TrackMania Sunrise screenshot
TrackMania Sunrise screenshot

TrackMania United will feature all the games from the series, plus all their add-ons in one package. The Stadium environment from Nations will now benefit from twice as many blocks, and the whole game will now feature integrated network functionality for online and solo play.

A MediaTracker will allow players to make cinematic sequences and spectacular replays of races, plus integrate music, pictures and videos to enhance your tracks. Import new models with the model importer and use the Painter to give your vehicles a unique look. An integrated Peer2Peer network will allow players to exchange all their creations with other players of the game.

Also with this fourth instalment in the series the development team is hoping to bring something completely new to the experience. According to Nadeo, the first game was for fun, the second was for the sensations, the third was for the sport, and this fourth instalment will be existential. Ok then.

Basically, Nadeo is talking about how everything you do in the game is logged and used to enhance the game experience. For example, you'll have a ranking for each track, and players will be able to rate your own creations. Other neat new features include the ability to follow the progress of the game's best players, known as the Mania Stars (sounds a bit like Gotham TV). Whether you're in contact with other players in the game or not, what you do when you play will have an impact on other people, just as others will affect your game.

TrackMania United is due out towards the end of the year, with a Beta expected to start at the end of September.

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Zooz@ vandy

Grr, it's not a compilation, but a new game :P
Has too many new features to be called a compilation, it just contains all the features of the 3 previous games too. But people who have those games will probably have to buy it like a new game, so it's no compilation ^^
Posted 12:07 on 05 August 2006
munna's Avatar

munna@ vandy

i am sure small company like nadeo will continue using starforce again and i have tm sunrise and free tm nations so this news is not so special to me
Posted 07:35 on 05 July 2006
vandy's Avatar


Sounds promising although I hope they ditch StarForce.
Posted 17:16 on 04 July 2006

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