Torchlight screenshot
Torchlight screenshot

Runic Games has revealed it has "no plans" to work on the once-promised Torchlight MMO, and that its next game "probably won't be another Torchlight".

Talking about the MMO in advance of Torchlight II's release earlier today, Runic co-founder Travis Baldree said:

"I'll be frank, we have no plans to jump into that right now. The landscape is a little different than a few years ago, and creating the amount of content we did for Torchlight 2 was a supreme effort with a team this size. Taking on an MMO immediately afterward is not our current desire."

Runic had originally planned to release a Torchlight MMO following the release of the first game, which would have had "the same focus on relatively fast action: carving your way through hordes of monsters with a large number of hugely devastating skills".

But judging by Baldree's comments, the MMO may never see a release.

In fact, besides not developing the MMO, Runic vice president Marsh Lefler admits that the team "really [doesn't] know what we are going to do next.

"However I will say our next project probably won't be another Torchlight or a Torchlight MMO," he continued. "We really need to take a break. Quite a few of us here have been doing ARPG's in the style of Diablo for 7 years; while Travis has been doing it for probably close to 10 years and lets not even talk about Max and Erich(15+). Something different will be nice. We still love RPG's; especially action ones."

Torchlight II released on PC earlier today, which got Matt incredibly excited.

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