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4. Okami, PS2.

This wolf adventure didn't do particularly well sales wise, but don't let that stop you from adding it to your collection. As far as adventure games starring wolves go, Okami even managed to outdo Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess. "The game itself is so vast that playing through once might take you over a hundred hours and it is well worth playing through repeatedly. The world is so lush, visually stunning and complete within itself that you just want to lose yourself in it," said Lesley in her glowing review.

3. Super Mario Galaxy, Wii.

We had to squeeze this one into the Adventure category (it's really a platformer, but the platformer is a dying breed) although in truth the number of new planets you visit more than qualify it for entry. Mario Galaxy is one of the most fun-filled games you'll ever play and it went a long way to proving that the Wii is capable of being home to proper high quality traditional games. It's simply a game that everyone should own - we liked it so much it even made it in to our Top 10 Games of 2007 video feature.

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Whoever made this list obviously has no idea what an adventure game is.
Posted 23:57 on 04 January 2010
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Mr. Vorhias

You're kidding me. A lot of the games on here aren't even adventure games.

No Grim Fandango? No Monkey Island games? No Blade Runner?

What is WRONG with you guys?
Posted 23:24 on 06 October 2008

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