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6. The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, DS.

The DS features a lot in this Top 10 and The Phantom Hourglass is an excellent portable adventure game that continues the fine Zelda tradition. We were all worried about the stylus only controls to begin with, but we should have trusted Nintendo a little more. As Wes pointed out in his review, "Yes it's a tad short, and yes it's full of recognisable Zelda moments, but that doesn't stop it from being a fun, refined gem of an adventure game."

5. Ico, PS2.

Few games carry as much weight with the hardcore gaming community as the PlayStation 2's Ico. Like it and you're instantly accepted into the fold; dislike it and you're opening yourself up for the inevitable cusses. Elysia agreed when she looked at the game a while back: "What makes this game worth playing is its exceptional and entirely unique atmosphere coupled with its emotionally provocative nature and, these days, its cultural significance."

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Whoever made this list obviously has no idea what an adventure game is.
Posted 23:57 on 04 January 2010
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Mr. Vorhias

You're kidding me. A lot of the games on here aren't even adventure games.

No Grim Fandango? No Monkey Island games? No Blade Runner?

What is WRONG with you guys?
Posted 23:24 on 06 October 2008

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