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Stolen Memories – Thief: The Dark Project retrospective

Eidos Montreal's new take on Thief is out this week, and so far reaction has been mixed. Good job, then, that Dan Douglas is on hand to remind us just what made the original so special.

1 Publish date Feb 26 Rumour mill

A round-up of the juiciest rumours being talked about across the internet.

4 Publish date Apr 9 2008

Eidos gathers Steam

Tomb Raider: Legend, Rogue Trooper, Deus Ex and Thief: Deadly Shadows now available on Valve's download service.

Publish date Apr 4 2007

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Stolen Memories – Thief: The Dark Project retrospective in Article Comments

BombaLuigi's Avatar

Great read Dan! Brings back Memories, I relly have to look for some mods to pimp it up a bit and then play it again. It seems to be a much better Plan then playing that new One. Rumour mill in Article Comments

Exnor's Avatar

It presents the facts for and against the plausibility of each rumour. If they equal out, there can be no well informed prediction!

by Exnor

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