The Sims Medieval for PC

On: PC
The Sims Medieval

Players can create heroes, venture on quests, build and control a kingdom, and play every Hero Sim character in the land.

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The Sims Social nearing 30 million users in Article Comments

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Both my wife and my mother in law play it, but there's no real goals atm, your only progression is more stuff and a bigger house. No real careers, no having children or getting married etc. None of... Plays in Article Comments

EverTheOptimist's Avatar

Portal 2 - Still loving it but I haven't played it in the last week due to not being at home much. Need to get back into it as it's getting very exciting. Shift 2 - Played a few bits yesterday...

The Sims go medieval in Article Comments

MJTH's Avatar

I thought they already did that?.... Oh wait that was my sims' completely different....


Game Stats

Release Date: 25/03/2011
Developer: The Sims Studio
Publisher: EA Play Label
Genre: Simulation
Rating: PEGI 12+
Site Rank: 3,035
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