Platform: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC
Developer: Respawn Entertainment
Release: March

Titanfall screenshot

If hype is anything to go by, Titanfall is the game that will take Call of Duty's throne. While it wouldn't have been the first time Vince Zampella established domination of the FPS playing field - the man was kicking ass with Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, before overthrowing EA's series with CoD - Titanfall is genuinely exciting. Taking multiplayer action and a focused narrative and seamlessly integrating them together, it's those 'titans' that will be the stars of the show. Giant robots that aren't slow and exceptionally boring to use is a rarity in games: here, they're incredibly fun to control. Expect big things.

South Park: The Stick Of Truth

Platform: Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Developer: Obsidian Entertainment
Release: March

south park -

Will South Park ever actually be released? If it wasn't for the involvement of Trey Parker and Matt Stone we'd say no, but as everything the pair touch turns to gold we still expect The Stick Of Truth to be both released and actually fun to play. All content released to this point has been as high-quality as the TV show, and while the highlight will be the script, the RPG trappings built around it are more than solid. The question is whether there'll be the same sense of anticipation when it eventually nears release. We've all been waiting a very long time…


Platform: PS4
Developer: Evolution Studios
Release: February TBC

DriveClub screenshot

Another game that was responsible for thousands of sad faces the world over when it was delayed, DriveClub's move may've been a sensible one. There was a slight worry that Sony had wildly exaggerated what its new driving game was capable of, but what's been seen recently is a far cry from the initial footage that was shown way back in February. With the extra time in development, there's every chance Evolution could follow through on its original vision. If it does, especially given that Gran Turismo 6 is a bit of a dud, DriveClub could see the developer elevate itself to a prime role.

Infamous: Second Son

Platform: PS4
Developer: Sucker Punch Studios
Release: March

inFamous: Second Son screenshot

Another March release, and one that should see the PS4's exclusive library grow even stronger. Infamous: Second Son may not be on everyone's radar, but Sucker Punch's superhero franchise has built up quite the following, and this looks set to expand on that. With a new protagonist introduced – and, as ever, he has a wry grin that makes him look like he's just let someone's tyres down – this should do all the things expected of it early next year.

Watch Dogs

Platform: Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, PC Wii U
Developer: Ubisoft
Release: Q2 2014

watch dogs new -

The delay frustrated gamers the world over, but once more it seems like a shrewd move on Ubisoft's part. This ambitious project seemed to have shown all its cards in the latter part of this year, raising eyebrows as to whether it could actually live up to the ideas set out way back in 2012. No one wanted a version of this that merely hinted at the future – like the first Assassin's Creed – so allowing it to grow was exceptionally smart on the publisher's behalf. Could be amazing, could be absolutely mediocre. We're hoping for the former.

Call Of Duty: 2014

Platform: Everything known to the human race
Developer: Treyarch
Release: November

Call of Duty: Ghosts screenshot

While there's no official confirmation of what exactly the next Call of Duty will be, anyone who doesn't think it's coming should be put away for life. Past instalments tells us it'll likely be Treyarch's bi-annual offering, but Sledgehammer Games could also make its appearance (finally), giving the two usual COD studios extra time to develop their own offerings. All we do know is that it better improve on the underwhelming Ghosts.

Assassin's Creed: 2014

Platform: If you own a console, Assassin's Creed will probably come out on it...
Developer: Ubisoft
Release: November

assassin creed -

In almost the exact same position as the above, Assassin's Creed will return in 2014 unless Ubisoft decides to take a drastic different direction with the franchise. What exactly they do with it is anyone's guess, mind. With 4 basically being an offshoot of the parts people liked in 3, Assassin's Creed 5, we imagine, will have to take the series somewhere new. London is a constant suggestion when it comes to the wider community, and Ubisoft may be wise to listen. The franchise obviously hasn't outstayed its welcome (yet), but that doesn't mean the shift couldn't happen at a moment's notice.


Platform: All of them
Developer: EA Canada
Release: September

FIFA 14 screenshot

While the-then current-gen versions of this year's FIFA split opinion, the next-gen (now, erm, current) iterations seemed to win over the majority who played them. EA will certainly release next year's football juggernaut across all platforms, but how much they will differ is crucial. The Ignite engine is designed for Xbox One and PS4, meaning it'd be wise for the publisher to focus the majority of its efforts on those platforms to ensure it gets the most out of them. With the almighty dollar always in mind, though, it may be a case of having to wait one more year before the true might of FIFA can be realised.

PES 2015

Platform: Everything but Wii U
Developer: Konami
Release: September

pes11 -

Pro Evolution Soccer is still stuck in a horrible rut. Although it still has its supporters, the light continues to fade on the once-great franchise as FIFA takes all the headlines. That's not to say Konami can't get it right next year, mind. PES 2014 was a great indicator of what was possible, and the FOX engine, surprisingly, coped well in showing off the beautiful game. What's imperative, however, is that the team continues on the foundations it's already laid, rather than try and start anew… again.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

Platform: Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Developer: MercurySteam
Release: February

clos 2 -

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow must be one of the few games that seems to be universally loved by everyone who played it. Where there was once fear at even the mention of a Castlevania game in 3D, the Spanish developer made the idea its own, proving once and for all that the veteran franchise could be brought kicking and screaming into the modern-gaming era. The challenge it faces now is to ensure that excellence continues with the sequel. Extremely quiet for the last few months – which is either a good or bad thing depending how you look at it – CLOS 2 could very well be a wonderful send off to this generation.

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peterdavid12345's Avatar


Deep Down ? the Last guardian ? Soccker ultimate Mario ? Zelda wii U ?
Posted 17:44 on 26 March 2014
cynicalcookie's Avatar


bet it was simons idea
Posted 20:58 on 25 February 2014
NylePudding's Avatar


Dark Souls 2 and The Witcher 3 are the big ones for me. Titanfall looks like good fun though, perhaps it will get me back into shooters like COD 4 did.
Posted 10:01 on 06 January 2014
Brandles's Avatar


I might be mistaken but I thought they already said the Battlefield games weren't going to have annual releases.
Posted 19:09 on 04 January 2014
RamTheDragon's Avatar


Im so hyped for Dragon Age 3! Im also hoping Thief isnt complete garbage.
Posted 02:48 on 04 January 2014
Metricos's Avatar


This list makes me feel kind of bad for wanting a WiiU. There are like three things coming for it in the future that aren't Mario.

Posted 22:55 on 02 January 2014
EuanDewar's Avatar


Man, there's a lot of good *****ing stuff on the horizon. Class times all round eh
Posted 22:33 on 02 January 2014
Chlandy's Avatar


I am clearly a massive nerd, as I am TOTALLY reading the Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor entry in Cate Blanchetts voice...
Posted 22:10 on 02 January 2014
CharleSketch's Avatar


Those Nintendo entries felt pretty negative.
Posted 18:09 on 02 January 2014
b23cdq's Avatar


Disappointing lack of Monolith Soft's X.
Posted 18:07 on 02 January 2014


EA MMA was better than THQ's UFC Undisputed? I don't think so guys, EA MMA was garbage!

Good article though, makes me glad I got a PS4 early... looks like I'll be spending rather a lot on games this year...
Posted 13:35 on 02 January 2014
Exnor's Avatar


All sorted, sorry about that!
Posted 12:54 on 02 January 2014


Hey guys, just got into work and found this page has a few technical problems, we're working to resolve them now. Rest assured we DO actually have stuff to look forward to ;)
Posted 11:15 on 02 January 2014
Jaffa's Avatar


I reckon the article contained something grossly defamatory about Randy Pitchford and they had to pull it.
Posted 11:07 on 02 January 2014
smackybumbum's Avatar


Methinks the boys haven't sobered up yet!!

Unless they are being sarcastic/ironic?
Posted 10:37 on 02 January 2014

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