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Facebook game The Sims Social is quickly nearing 30 million monthly average users, just a month after going into beta.

The game was launched just three weeks ago, and saw an increase in 7.5 million users in the last week alone, Gamasutra reports.

The game is an adaptation of EA's Sims franchise, and has become the fifth biggest game in terms of audience size on Facebook.

Recently PopCap announced it was interested in working on existing EA properties in the wake of its buyout.

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Endless's Avatar

Endless@ 87Sarah

Both my wife and my mother in law play it, but there's no real goals atm, your only progression is more stuff and a bigger house. No real careers, no having children or getting married etc. None of the fun stuff. At least thats the impression I got after asking my wife how similar it was to The Sims 3 (which we also have)
Posted 20:44 on 07 September 2011
87Sarah's Avatar


After reading CheekyLee's Blog post about it I have the same feeling that I would find the game repetitive. The only reason I still want to play it is because it's The Sims... it can't be THAT bad can it?
Posted 18:28 on 07 September 2011
rickystaines's Avatar


I've been hearing lots of great things about The Sims Social :) Will definitely give it a look!
Come to think of it, Facebook is probably the perfect platform for a game like The Sims.
Posted 10:22 on 07 September 2011

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