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The Secret World screenshot
The Secret World screenshot

The game doesn't include levels or classes - one of the main features The Secret World has cut out of WoW's mould. Instead what you get is a system where players earn points through kills, missions, crafting, and so on, which can be plugged directly into skills. Rather than traditional classes, you'll create what's ostensibly a "deck" made of seven active and seven passive skills that can be switched out for any other available skill at any point. You're given three weapon types as well, Magic, Melee, and Ranged - the latter which includes semi-automatic rifles - but like its skills system your avatar isn't bound to one specific play-style and it's possible to re-spec on the fly.

While a third of the quest-types available are of the "Kill 10 X" ilk, the game isn't particularly built for old-fashioned grinding. Unlike most MMOs, Secret World enforces a certain amount of pacing. You can only hold a few quests at a time, and rather than handing them back in to NPCs you'll often only need to press a button to send them in as "reports".

Similarly, you won't just skim over missions. Each quest-giving NPC is accompanied by their own individual cutscene, which is a feature worth pointing out if only because this game's narrative-bend has been overshadowed by The Old Republic's in terms of how the two have been advertised. It's also worth pointing out that so far The Secret World's NPC cutscenes are already more engaging than The Old Republic's in terms of script and character personality - something that ought to prove important to narrative fans. For all of its gothic leanings, the game is funny, strange, and easily one of the most distinctive MMOs of the last ten years.

It's arguably an even more ambitious project than The Old Republic is, too, but that doesn't always work in its favour.

Often the game's too preoccupied with being a post-WoW MMO, and that results in some unruly quests. Some of these, oddly, tip their hat to gameplay styles last seen in the point-and-click genre, back when you could solve a puzzle by sweeping your cursor over the entire surface area of your screen to find hidden objects. These "Find X" quests have you search across rooms, rooftops, or entire streets for objects ranging from phonebooks to pieces of paper, but like point-and-clicks of the past they often confuse challenging game design with the simple frustrations that come from pixel-hunting.

The MMO's biggest challenge is how often its innovations are coupled with difficulties at a design level. At its most ambitious, its Investigation Missions are designed for users to solve them using real-world tools like Google to research clues - an idea adopted from alternate reality games which themselves blur the line between game fiction and reality. In these quests, players are given a piece of obscure prose that might reference a famous figure or a passage from the Bible. With that they're encouraged to Google information relating to the clue, in order to work out where exactly to go in-game. Elsewhere these clues will relate to data the player is asked to type in to a computer terminal using basic DOS commands.

Funcom has plans to include an in-game browser similar to what we've seen in EVE Online, but how well this will really work relies as much on the game's player-base as it will on Google and some decent programming. Can users who in all likelihood are coming from a traditional WoW background be expected to crack codes and word puzzles? The studio has until April to work that out, which makes it easily the most ambitious - and honestly exciting - MMOs set to release next year.

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Endless's Avatar

Endless@ charlieblue

Have a look in to Guild Wars 2 if you arent already, it's a ways off release but easily the most promising MMO of the forseeable future imo.

The Secret World is essentially a pvp mmo from what i've heard, the 3 warring factions vie for control etc. My old guild is pretty hyped for it as they thrive on putting themselves at the forefront of massive conflicts. it does look hugely interesting, but it's non-f2p model means it'll play second fiddle to Guild Wars 2, and I doubt it'll hold any kind of place in sheer depth, complexity and flavour of GW2 either.

But it's still another positive step to getting back to where we were with MMOs before WoW had to destroy everything to build a bigger thriving MMO community as a whole. I'm hoping soon we're going to see a 3 steps back 5 steps forward solution appear.

Skyrim MMO ftw ;)
Posted 15:44 on 21 November 2011
charlieblue's Avatar


Some interesting stuff here. Be real curious to see how this game actually plays. After years of waiting, my first experiences with SWTOR left me disappointed with the cartoon colors and style. I'd love to find an MMO with some intelligent complication. Maybe Secret World?
Posted 15:15 on 21 November 2011

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