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ZeniMax has dropped some scant details of one of The Elder Scrolls Online's three playable factions: The Daggerfall Covenant. The faction is made up of the Bretons, Orcs and Redguards and are based in the provinces of High Rock and Hammerfall, the latter bordering both Cyrodill and Skyrim.

The Daggerfall Covenant is represented by the lion on the game's ouroboros logo.

"There is a lot of historical friction between the redguards and the bretons," said game director Matt Firor to GameInformer. "There have been a lot of little wars between them, and there has been as much internal fighting in High Rock as there has been with external provinces, but it’s a much more settled area and a little more peaceful. The Bretons have given the orcs their own homeland within their territory, and all three races like and respect each other."

"This faction is a lot more democratic than the others."

The Elder Scrolls Online will feature three factions, all looking to fight off the Imperial army and the Daedric prince Molag Bal. It will be released for PC in 2013.

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User Comments

Endless's Avatar

Endless@ squidman

EA Mythic? (previously Mythic Entertainment) Surely they're still maintaining and developing Warhammer Online?

If it is EA Mythic though, maybe they'll learn their lessons from WAR and actually HAVE an end game that doesnt crash the servers. Perhaps even more than 2 endgame dungeons might be good too ;)
Posted 17:29 on 15 May 2012
squidman's Avatar

squidman@ Endless

Isn't the team on this basically the DaoC guys as well?
Posted 15:49 on 15 May 2012
Endless's Avatar


This reeks of Dark age of Camelot, absolutely reeks. But it's about time someone did it right again. There's yet to be a single competitive MMO thats done it as well as DaoC did. 3 factions is the golden number imo, i've seen a few with 2 and it just doesnt gel well. One side is always more powerful or has more numbers etc and it doesn't matter what compensating bonuses the opposition gets it's a failed balance test.
Posted 13:20 on 15 May 2012

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