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The Elder Scrolls Online screenshot
The Elder Scrolls Online screenshot

The Elder Scrolls Online's first major update, which will include the Craglorn Adventure Zone, will roll out to players on Thursday or Friday this week, Zenimax has told IGN.

The first Adventure Zone for The Elder Scrolls Online promises an intriguing new storyline and challenging content for groups, from four-player quests and exploration up to the new 12-player Trials.

The video below explains what is in store.

Source: IGN

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mmodev's Avatar


To anyone thinking of purchasing the game or subscribing, please check the official ESO forums first (the Customer Support forum specifically) and make sure you're aware of the status of the many problems the game has had (and is likely to still have).

The game was released without any noticeable server-side anti-cheat mechanisms, there have been bots noclipping, flying and speedhacking all over the place. Players have found it near impossible to get mats in starting zones because of it and found their experience ruined by the sheer amount of blatant exploitation going on.

In PVP now, there are even cases of players rising up through the ground inside forts in Cyrodil, capturing Elder Scrolls without having to actually invade the fort.

It's ridiculous and doesn't seem to be the major priority to ZOS that it clearly should be. There are more issues I could raise but for many the failure to protect the integrity of the game world and it's economy is a red flag to any experienced MMO gamer.

Also, be warned, especially if in Europe... Zenimax's payment system for ESO's subscriptions has been causing
customers to have money locked up in their bank accounts, failing to be processed resulting in players losing money temporarily while receiving no game time. - This problem has affected multiple banks, multiple cards
and even PayPal payment and ZOS have failed to resolve it in 9+ days.

To be clear... I'm no ESO-hater... I had very high hopes for this game... I'm just very disappointed to see anti-cheat mechanisms being added after launch to an MMO released on PC... it was just asking for trouble!

Good luck to Zenimax, I hope they can fix the problems soon.
Posted 13:18 on 21 May 2014

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