T.E.R.A The Exiled Realm of Arborea Trailers & Videos for PC

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Inside TERA: Combat System & BAMs Feature

The TERA team give more details about the action combat system, one of the most exciting features of the game.

Publish date 04 May 2012 at 4:22pm

Pre-Order Trailer

TERA is now available to pre-order!

Publish date 02 Feb 2012 at 4:46pm

Castanic Race Trailer

Live a life of risk. Leave a trail of bodies.

Publish date 23 Jan 2012 at 3:03pm

Beta Teaser Trailer

Sign up for the European TERA Beta now!

Publish date 12 Jan 2012 at 3:37pm

The Political System Feature

An overview of the political system in TERA.

Publish date 09 Jan 2012 at 4:27pm

Kumas Trailer

One of the Mighty Three in Tera, the Kumas are no longer docile creatures and are now aggressive and found near places of power.

Publish date 16 Nov 2011 at 4:09pm

Ovolith Trailer

Ovolith are the largest of the arachnens one of the Mighty Three in Tera.

Publish date 16 Nov 2011 at 4:09pm

Teralith Trailer

Guardians of ancient relics, Teralith are one of Tera's Mighty Three.

Publish date 16 Nov 2011 at 4:09pm

Gamescom 2011 Trailer

Healers are the unsung heroes of fantasy worlds.

Publish date 18 Aug 2011 at 4:33pm

Game Stats

Release Date: 03/05/2012
Developer: Bluehole Studio
Publisher: Frogster Interactive
Genre: Fantasy RPG
No. Players: 1 + Online
Rating: TBC
Site Rank: 3,568 588
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