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TERA open beta announced

En Masse has given out a full schedule for the events that lead up to the MMO's upcoming launch.

Publish date Apr 11 2012

Battlestar Galactica actor joins TERA cast

Colonel Tigh has joined the voice-acting cast for upcoming MMO TERA, alongside Claudia Black.

Publish date Apr 10 2012

TERA PvP battlegrounds delayed until 'late summer'

We'll have to wait until late summer for battlegrounds, after the launch of TERA.

Publish date Apr 2 2012

TERA coming to PAX East

En Masse Entertainment will be showing TERA at this year's PAX East, along with new sci-fi based material.

1 Publish date Mar 22 2012

TERA eBook released

Those wishing to get a grip on TERA's lore can read the first in the game's series of eBooks.

Publish date Mar 19 2012

TERA trailer shows end-game content

Upcoming MMO TERA gives users a look-around at the Temple of Temerity.

Publish date Mar 16 2012

TERA level cap launch to be higher in West

While its level cap is 58 in Korea, TERA will be raising it to 60 with the release of the North American version.

Publish date Mar 6 2012

TERA hit with yet another beta key issue

Yet another issue has hit the TERA beta for the second time in one month.

Publish date Feb 28 2012

TERA hi-res textures on the way

With patch notes now available on the official forum, the newest update to TERA includes the addition of a sharper, hi-res look.

Publish date Feb 21 2012

TERA beta weekend 'not without hiccups'

En Masse gives an overview of its first North American beta weekend.

Publish date Feb 20 2012

TERA beta videos show crafting

The closed beta is currently underway and user-created videos are now beginning to appear online, showing off TERA Europe's features.

Publish date Feb 14 2012

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