Team Fortress 2 for PC

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Team Fortress 2 - No boxshot available.

The team-based tactical multiplayer shooter returns.

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More than a third of Steam registered games are never played

17 per cent are played for under an hour, claims new research.

7 Publish date Apr 16

Valve calls on Team Fortress community to create Halloween items

And if you can't create, vote your favourites to the top instead.

Publish date Sep 12 2012

Team Fortress 2 Mann vs. Machine due on August 15

New cooperative game for free-to-play shooter arriving tomorrow - new Steam Community features also announced.

Publish date Aug 14 2012

Is a third faction coming to Team Fortress 2?

Clues from Valve point towards a third faction being added to the Free-to-play shooter.

Publish date Aug 13 2012

Valve announces Source Filmmaker

Valve has announced Source Filmmaker, a free Steam application that will let users make their own Team Fortress 2 movies.

Publish date Jun 28 2012

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More than a third of Steam registered games are never played in Article Comments

Borgus's Avatar

Its the same with books. I have all sorts of 'classic books' that im "going to read" but never have. Likewise I have all these supposed 'classic games' that you have to have played to...

by Borgus

Team Fortress 2: Mann v Machine (PC) in Online Tournaments & Competitions

Shellei's Avatar

TF2 is so much fun, even if I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing. Haven't seen the MvM thing yet though, I shall have to check it out.

EA doesn't get monetisation, says Bigpoint chief in Article Comments

Clockpunk's Avatar

All EA sees in the word is the 'money' part. And that is the problem...

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